7 Benefits Gained and 4 Problems Solved – ChatBot for Black Friday

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Nov 9, 2021
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Every year there comes a crazy shopping time that stirs extreme emotions among marketers and support agents. The former rack their brains to come up with outstanding ideas that will pull customers in. The latter get chills just thinking about the number of customer problems they will need to solve that day.

Black Friday is a hard nut that every business needs to crack. On one hand, you dream about getting a ton of traffic. On the other hand, higher traffic means more customer questions. And the more cases your team needs to handle simultaneously, the less efficiently they work.

A vicious circle.

Make sure you don’t get pulled into it. Recruit a customer service chatbot and turn your concerns into wins.

Problems you can solve using chatbots

Shortage of staff

Chatbots work just fine as the first line of customer support. They deal with simple questions, minimizing busy work for customer service teams. More importantly, unlike human agents, they can work without breaks and handle multiple questions at the same time.

Because of that, chatbots are the cure for staffing problems. They’ll help you out when you can’t keep up with new cases, when your team is short-staffed, and when agents need to stop accepting chats to do that other stuff humans need to do.

You can create a customer service chatbot using our dedicated bot template. It will help you build a chatbot that navigates customers through your website or blog, provides them with the necessary information, or starts a call with you when needed.

High Operations Costs

Effective customer service may cost you a fortune, but chatbots are a good way to lower these costs. They deal with large amounts of questions so that you don’t need to hire or train additional agents for the hot season.

Each time a person connects with a bot before contacting a human agent, the cost of a query gets lower. The data shows that American businesses can save up to 30% on operational costs thanks to customer service chatbots.

Monotony at work

Chatbots can be a lifesaver for teams that are sick and tired of repetitive questions. In fact, repetitive tasks turn out to be a severe problem for employers nowadays.

Customer service agents who answer the same questions hour by hour quickly get bored and turn into “mindless zombies.” They lose interest in their job and are more likely to look for a new position. This results in companies looking for new employees more frequently and spending more on recruiting and training.

Use our ChatBot templates to create smart helpers that will reduce repetitive tasks. You will give your agents more time to focus on challenging tasks and boost their productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction at the same time.

Customer frustration

The human touch is not going to be recreated by artificial intelligence any time soon. Out of the question. However, when it comes to productivity and speed, chatbots win the battle. They are an excellent tool to fight customer frustration due to long wait times.

82% of customers underline that issue resolution time is the most important factor in excellent customer service. Two-thirds of users also say that waiting on hold and explaining the same thing to multiple representatives is the most frustrating aspect of customer service.

ChatBot lets you speed up your response time. Moreover, it stores conversations in the archives. If a human agent takes over a case, they can catch up quickly without asking the customer to explain their problem again. Better customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Benefits of using chatbots

Attract even uninterested customers

On average, users spend less than 15 seconds on a website. It’s not much but long enough for a bot to grab a visitor’s attention and engage them in a conversation. And what better way to attract a person’s attention than using rich messages (images, GIFs, cards, buttons, carousels, and quick replies).

chatbot presenting products in a chat  widget

Visuals embellish your stories and draw users’ attention to essential elements of your story. They are a great way to increase click-through and response rates. On top of that, interactive elements help to create an intuitive interaction flow to support conversations.

Offer discounts using brand quizzes

Offering discounts on Black Friday is the bread and butter of holiday sales. However, you can use that day to amuse customers with engaging quizzes using a competition bot. Such a chatbot can ask customers questions concerning your brand or any topic you find interesting. You can add promo coupons to its scenario and offer them to users who provide correct answers.

Quizzes are a great opportunity to charm customers. Not to mention the fact that temporary promotions create a need or urgency and help boost sales. If you’re wondering how to build a simple competition bot, check out ChatBot Academy lessons and learn how. No coding required.

Provide personalized recommendations

ChatBot acts as your virtual shop assistant to advise customers and make sure they find what they need.

The bot will show off available options using clickable buttons and ask users a set of clarifying questions concerning the product category, size, or color they are looking for.

chatbot suggesting places to chill in by using chatbot buttons

Using buttons is a simple way to create a great user experience as they let users define their needs without writing a word. After a bot gathers data about a person’s preferences, it quickly finds offers that fit a customer’s interests and sends recommendations using attractive cards or product carousels. A person doesn’t have to jump between tabs so they achieve the goal of your story much faster.

Simplify the purchasing process

The customer service bot performs well as a helpful conversationalist, but not only. It can simplify the whole purchasing process and guide a person through checkout.

chatbot persoanlized recommendations

The e-commerce bot shows off products that are currently on sale and promotes your best offers. It adds items chosen by customers to shopping carts and automatically summarizes orders. Customers can also finalize their payments right in the chat window as the Moments feature lets you implement the payment process in the widget.

To provide an even better user experience, you can use a package tracking bot template. It allows customers to check the current status of their deliveries and gives them info when their long-awaited package arrives.

Collect customer data

Every Black Friday, customers flood online stores hoping to find the best offers. It’s a perfect occasion to generate leads, and ChatBot can help you with that.

After chatting with a person and gathering their details, the bot saves all data in the Users section. It shows visitors who’ve talked with your bot and lets you check each person’s details such as name, email address, collected attributes, and more.

Later on, you can use the Zapier integration to connect ChatBot with your email marketing software or CRM and pass all necessary data between systems automatically.

Automate booking appointments

If your business involves booking appointments, then you know that it’s a crucial moment with new customers. It’s the first time a person comes in contact with your brand so it can have an outsized influence on what they think of you.

Unfortunately, making appointments is time-consuming. Moreover, if you don’t have an employee dedicated to handling bookings, you need to interrupt your work every time a customer calls and wants to book a visit.

chatbot calendar

With ChatBot, you can automate this process and make it smooth and effortless. Thanks to Moments, ChatBot can upload an interactive calendar for scheduling appointments and meetings. It allows a user to book an open slot with just a few clicks. You don’t even have to lift a finger to add a customer to your calendar.

Automate returns

Answering phones concerning returns isn’t the most interesting of tasks. It’s also not the most profitable. ChatBot helps you automate this process so that it’s fast and easy for customers and less painful for you.

The bot gathers order details and accepts returns at any time a customer wants. You don’t have to devote time to handling returns and get more time to attract new customers.

Gather feedback

A happy customer is a paying customer. That’s why it’s so crucial for you to learn about customer interests, needs, and pain points. Our Survey Bot helps you do just that.

It gathers customer feedback for you, allowing you to find out more about your audience. The data will help you tailor better offers and get rid of obstacles that prevent conversion.

Wrapping up

Black Friday is just around the corner so don’t waste time. Use chatbots to deliver a better user experience and make sure every customer gets smooth and effective customer support.

P.S. Would you like to use a lead generation chatbot? Watch our video tutorial and learn how to create one without coding.