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ChatBot for WordPress Explained: Key Benefits of Adding Customer Service Chatbots to Your Site

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Feb 4, 2020
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It’s 2020, and I’m not reinventing the wheel by saying that chatbots can automate customer support. Plenty of companies around the globe have already put them into play. When implemented correctly, chatbots can provide relief for both customers and businesses. Users benefit from getting answers in the blink of an eye. Companies are glad to save money that would otherwise be spent to cover growing support expenses.

But lowering businesses’ costs, providing answers to FAQs, or recovering users’ passwords are not the only jobs chatbots can do. Companies that make full use of chatbots’ potential can achieve many of their business goals easier and quicker.

Let’s check out how.

Engage more visitors

Chatbots reply to customer queries immediately, and that’s undeniably one of their best abilities. While chatting with users, they can also display attractive images, GIFs, or YouTube videos that boost engagement.

However, chatbots don’t have to wait passively for visitors' questions. In fact, it’s the opposite. They can initiate the chat by sending customized greetings. The chat invitation appears right above the chat widget and is a perfect way to start the ball rolling. You can welcome a visitor, offer help, or even promote your seasonal discounts.

chat bot customized greeting

ChatBot lets you decide when your greetings are sent. It can be, the time spent on a page, a referring website address, or other custom variables. In effect, your message can be more specific and better suited to a particular customer’s situation. A customized greeting is more likely to engage a customer and get them to begin a chat. The more time visitors spend on your pages, the more opportunities you get to educate them about your brand, products, and offers.

Improve conversions with personalization

Customers don’t always know how to search for products. Very often, they look for items in the wrong categories and fail to find what they need. If that happens, a chatbot can come to the rescue.

A chatbot can quickly find products visitors look for and help them define what they need. They can ask a potential customer a set of clarifying questions concerning the type of product, its size, color, brand, and intended use.

After finding the right items, a chatbot can present targeted offers via attractive cards or carousels that grab visitors’ attention. Moreover, when a person chooses what products they wish to buy, the bot can add their items to the shopping cart and recommend related products or offers. But the ride doesn't stop there.

Once a customer decides to purchase a product, the bot can authorize their payment in the chat window and then enable a customer to track their package. In short, your chatbot can hold your visitor’s hand and guide them through the entire shopping journey.

If you would like to test a bot on your WordPress site, you can use our ChatBot ecommerce template. It can easily be implemented on your site and customized if needed.

Collect newsletter subscribers

Chatbots can also come in handy when expanding your newsletter or email list subscribers. When a bot is available on your WordPress site, it can ask a person if they want to receive regular product updates or your promo offers via email. After providing their address and other contact details, a user instantly lands in your archives categorized as a new subscriber.

ChatBot lets you export segmented user lists to your email marketing software so that you can add new recipients to your existing lists. As a result, you can reach a bigger audience with your email and marketing campaigns.

Find out more about customers

Customer feedback gives companies precious insight into their overall performance. Chatbots offer you the opportunity to gather that information with almost no effort. When the final goal of a conversation takes place, your chatbot can ask your customer for their opinion and let them provide answers via buttons.

The chatbot can also offer users who complete surveys, discounts or promo codes for their next purchase. Simultaneously, you can gather more reviews and reward customers for their time.

chatbot conducting an online survey

Streamline the reservation process

A good reservation booking process is one that’s simple and quick. Chatbots let you keep it that way, while at the same time allowing you to create a much more personalized experience compared to reservation apps or online forms.

A bot can have a short chat with a customer and inform them about possible options. It can show available dates using an interactive calendar, clickable buttons, or cards and help a customer find the option that suits them best.

If a potential customer can’t find any suitable dates, the bot can encourage a user to email the appropriate company representative or enable them to call a dedicated department directly.

By designing a conversational reservation booking experience, you can make the process more enjoyable. By suggesting additional forms of contact, you show that you care and engage customers that might otherwise fail to complete the process after not being able to find a specific option. All this leads to a better brand experience and more reservations.

To automate or not to automate

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the possibilities of using a chatbot on a WordPress site, you’ll probably also start to see other goals the bot can help you achieve. And there seems to be quite a few of them, right?

If you decide to get a customer service chatbot for your site, you can start with our free and codeless ChatBot & WordPress integration. It lets you connect both solutions without a hitch. Plus, thanks to ready-to-use ChatBot templates, you can launch task-specific bots on your WordPress site within minutes. Just customize a chosen template to fit your needs, and watch your chatbot thrive.

ChatBot and WordPress integration tutorial