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We’ve revamped ChatBot’s Visual Builder to let you build robust chatbots your way quicker and easier. The new interface allows you to see even the most complex chatbot Stories on a single screen and gives you more control over the building process.

Dariusz Zabrzeński | Head @ ChatBot

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Segments - icon Segments

Organize your users into different segments. Create custom user lists for your marketing purposes.

Filters - icon Filters

Improve user experience by adjusting chatbot responses to the context of the conversation.

Fallback - icon Fallback

Direct the customer in the right direction whenever a problem goes beyond the chatbot’s scope.

A/B tests - icon A/B tests

Split users into different flows to verify which of them performs the best.

Attributes - icon Attributes

Collect information about users to personalize your chatbot conversations.

Zapier - icon Zapier

Connect ChatBot with your favorite apps to automate tedious tasks.

Webhooks - icon Webhooks

Automatically exchange information between ChatBot and web services.

Testing tool  - icon Testing tool

Test your chatbot within the web app. Make sure it works as intended before it goes live.

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