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The installation process is very intuitive and can be performed both from ChatBot and LiveChat sides.

In this quick tutorial we’ll be doing the integration from the ChatBot website. Learn how to install ChatBot from LiveChat here.

  1. First of all, you will need a LiveChat account. Go to and create one.
  2. Once you’ve signed up, log in and head to the Integrations section. Choose the LiveChat integration to proceed.
  3. Log in to your LiveChat account.

    Please note that the chat bot will take one agent seat!

  4. Now, select the Story that you want the bot to follow. You’ll see a setup window for your bot. You can decide the following options:
      • Bot Agent Name - select a good name for your bot.
      • Bot Agent Email - we recommend to leave the default e-mail.
      • Remember Recent Agent - by default, returning visitors who chatted with human agents will be automatically redirected back to them. If you want that your bot takes also these chats, switch this option off.
  5. Your bot agent is ready to take the chats. Now all your incoming chats are redirected to the bot first

One of the greatest features of ChatBot LiveChat integration is the transfer action that allows your customer service step in when the bot cannot handle the chat or when you simply plan it in your scenario.

How to Enable Rich Messages

To use rich messages with LiveChat you need to switch to the new chat window in the LiveChat app. Go to SettingsChat widgetCustomization and click on Discover the new look. Confirm by hitting the Save button.

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