Train your chatbot

luiza jurczyk

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Improve your chatbot day by day using the training tool.

It’s challenging to predict all the queries coming to the chatbot every day. People communicate in different styles, using different words and phrases. Stop guessing what your clients are going to say and start listening and using the data you have to train your bot.

The training tool is a section which allows you to review all of the unmatched queries that had been responded with the fallback interaction and add them directly to your interactions without digging your archives or making guesses. It is also the best way to know what and how are the users looking for.

Meet your training tool

Log in to your ChatBot account to see your dashboard. To enter the training, select the option from the left sidebar.

The left panel

Here, you can see the training tool. Let’s check its main components. In the left panel you can see the tools to filter the view of the queries.

  • The search field – type a word or a phrase to find it quickly.
  • The number of unmatched phrases – the total number of phrases to review.
  • Ignored – find all queries that you decided to entirely ignore during trainings.
  • Story – focused on one story only? Don’t waste your time and review unmatched phrases only from one selected story.
  • Time period – select the time range you want to review.

The right panel

On the right side, you can see the list of unmatched phrases. Move the cursor over any of them to apply an action to it. You can choose one from three available options:

  • Add – Select the story and the interaction that you want the query to be added
  • Ignore – If you don’t want a phrase to appear again in training, ignore it. You can undo this action in the Ignored section.
  • Delete – Remove phrases temporarily from the training. If a phrase occurs again, it’ll appear as an unmatched query.

You can sort phrases by the time and number of occurrence.

How to use the training tool

Let’s see how the training tool works using an example. We’ve got a simple story with contact information. The user says section isn’t well planned. Now we will be reviewing all interactions from the past week to improve our story and bring a better experience to our users.

  1. Go to the training section that you can find on your left sidebar.
  2. If you want to view from a specific time period or story, use filters.
  3. Add phrases to your stories by clicking the add button. Select the story and the interaction they should be copied to.
  4. Select the middle button if you aren’t sure what to do with the query or don’t want to take any action. You can review it later by selecting the ignored folder.
  5. When you’re sure that this query shouldn’t be added to your story, select the last button, delete. You won’t see it again in your training section.
  6. You can work faster using the select all option you can find on the top of your screen.
  7. Similarly, you can review ignored phrases. Go to the ignored section and apply actions to the phrases.
  8. Remember that the more you train your chatbot the better it gets.