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9 Best Customer Service Chatbots In 2024

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Feb 5, 2024

Are you interested in improving your customer service while reducing costs? Imagine slashing your customer support expenses by up to 30% - a reality made possible by the latest advancements in chatbot technology. 

Customer service chatbots are an essential tool for teams to provide top-notch support without breaking the bank.

We're diving deep into the world of customer service chatbots. I meticulously ranked and reviewed the 9 best options in 2024, ensuring you make an informed decision for your business. 

Here's a sneak peek at the 9 best customer service chatbots of 2024:

What are customer service chatbots?

ChatBot Support Bot

Simply put, customer service chatbots are AI-powered computer programs designed to chat with users, mimicking human conversation. These same customer service chatbots understand and respond to queries, handle routine tasks, and perform specific actions like booking appointments or processing orders.

AI customer support and service chatbots leverage natural language processing and machine learning to provide intelligent responses, making them perfect for answering FAQs, collecting customer data for lead generation, and offering real-time updates.

Benefits of chatbots in customer service

Customer support chatbots are transforming customer service, offering a blend of efficiency, personalization, and data-driven insights. Here are AI-powered chatbots and how they're making a difference:

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9 best customer service chatbots

Let's explore the top 9 chatbots leading the charge in revolutionizing customer interactions.

1. ChatBot


ChatBot distinguishes itself in the customer service sector with its AI customer service chatbot platform, which is independent of third-party AI providers like OpenAI or Google Bard. This platform delivers fast, accurate responses by analyzing your website content, ensuring human-like interactions tailored to your business needs.

The chatbot automates routine tasks, freeing up your team to handle more complex issues, and offers 24/7 support to address customer queries promptly.

Beyond responding to questions, ChatBot utilizes customer insights for quicker problem resolution and supports business growth without increasing staffing.

Additionally, ChatBot excels in lead generation and qualification, proactively engaging customers and integrating with CRMs for a smoother sales process. It helps improve customer experiences by providing personalized interactions and increasing conversion rates.

The chatbot's blend of AI and human support and its compatibility with various tools make it an adaptable solution for comprehensive customer service.



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2. Zendesk


Zendesk excels as a versatile customer service platform, featuring an AI chatbot in all its offerings. Its standout feature is the omnichannel Agent Workspace, which combines communications from various channels into one streamlined, user-friendly interface, displaying essential customer information for more personalized support.

More than just a chatbot, Zendesk provides AI-driven recommendations to agents and customers, enhancing interaction efficiency. It also boasts robust ticketing and help desk capabilities, including built-in voice calling, simplifying managing support across different channels.

On the flip side, Zendesk's lack of a free plan may deter smaller businesses, and its requirement for a minimum of five seats per plan suggests it's better suited for larger teams. Additionally, its advanced features come with a steep learning curve, potentially necessitating extra training.



3. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch's chatbot is a pivotal tool in automating website customer interactions. Primarily designed to handle routine inquiries like FAQs, it operates on predefined triggers and responses, ensuring instant assistance.

Key features of HelpCrunch include an advanced, code-free chatbot editor, allowing for the easy creation of custom chat flows, either from scratch or pre-designed templates. It also offers agent tagging and assigning capabilities, directing conversations to the most suitable agent or department for efficient resolution. 

Additionally, the chatbot excels in collecting vital customer details and building comprehensive customer profiles. Its integration with the knowledge base allows it to provide relevant articles to customers, offering immediate automated support and reducing the need for live agent intervention.



4. HubSpot


HubSpot offers a dynamic and user-friendly AI chatbot software experience, ideal for businesses seeking accessible and affordable customer service solutions. Its no-code chatbot builder makes it accessible for anyone to create and customize chatbots. 

HubSpot's AI chatbot can handle various tasks, including lead qualification and meeting bookings, and personalizes chat responses using CRM data. 

However, HubSpot's chatbot does have some limitations. It doesn't support broadcasts and sequences, and its communication channels are restricted to website widgets, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Additionally, the lack of chatbot analytics might be a drawback for businesses looking to analyze customer interactions deeply.



5. Freshchat


Freshchat's AI-powered chatbots, powered by Freddy AI, are standout features of the Freshchat messaging software by Freshworks. It's designed to seamlessly integrate with web and mobile interfaces and popular social messaging apps. 

Freshchat offers the flexibility to create various bots, each tailored to specific functions like responding to customer inquiries or updating customer information autonomously.

Key features include teaching your bot multiple languages, customizing its appearance to match your brand, and tracking and optimizing its performance. Freshchat also provides ready-made templates for quick setup. 



6. Chatfuel


Chatfuel is a user-friendly platform designed to enhance customer interaction on websites and social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 

Chatfuel offers a variety of templates for different business needs, such as lead generation or customer service, and includes features for triggered messages and customization to reflect your brand's voice and tone.

The platform's engagement features, like sending triggered messages based on user behavior or re-engaging users with scheduled messages, make Chatfuel a robust tool for maintaining active customer communication. However, its simplicity might limit its use for more complex, customized interactions.



7. Drift

Drift's chatbot is a dynamic tool designed for real-time, personalized customer interactions. It's flexible enough to fully automate conversations or serve as an initial touchpoint before escalating to live support. 

Drift's playbooks create conversational flows that are easy to set up and customize, effectively capturing and qualifying leads. The chatbot's ability to segment leads and deliver relevant content personalizes each interaction. 

Additionally, it simplifies lead conversion by scheduling meetings directly into sales representatives' calendars and offers A/B testing to optimize conversational strategies.



8. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a comprehensive solution for ecommerce businesses, offering a wide array of tools, including an online store builder, product lists, and inventory management. Its free plan supports unlimited users and includes a chatbot builder, making it a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes. 

However, Bitrix24's complex navigation and interface present a steep learning curve, and its support is limited to live chat and email, which might be challenging for users seeking more extensive assistance.



9. Flow XO


Flow XO offers a free AI chatbot platform ideal for small marketing teams or customer contact centers. With the ability to handle up to 500 interactions monthly, it's a great tool for personalizing customer experiences and providing quick responses. 

Flow XO's chatbot can be connected to Facebook ads, allowing automated responses to Facebook comments. However, the platform lacks a visual flow builder, and its analytics do not include user input and conversion rates. 

Additionally, it can't understand user intent, which might limit its effectiveness in specific scenarios.



Real-life examples of customer service chatbots

Customer service chatbots are on the rise, with 58% of B2B and 42% of B2C companies integrating them into their websites. Major brands across sectors use these same chatbots for customer service, to enhance user experience, streamline processes, and provide personalized support. 

Here's a look at how some well-known companies are successfully integrating chatbots into their customer service strategies:

Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s employs a chatbot on its website and app, simplifying meal ordering. Customers can choose toppings and place orders through natural language conversation, making the process efficient and user-friendly.



H&M’s virtual shopping assistant interacts with customers for fashion advice, suggesting outfits and clothing items based on user preferences, thereby personalizing the shopping experience.

Bank of America

Bank of America

Erica, Bank of America’s virtual assistant, aids customers with account inquiries, balance checks, transaction history, and setting up alerts, offering quick and accurate banking support.



Sephora’s chatbot doubles as a beauty advisor, providing makeup and skincare recommendations, application tips, and tutorials, enhancing the online shopping journey with expert advice.

Scaling your business with customer service bots

ChatBot Visual Builder

Incorporating AI customer service chatbots into your business strategy is smart, especially considering the 92% increase in AI customer service chatbot usage since 2019, marking it as the fastest-growing brand communication channel. 

Here are key ways to leverage these virtual assistants for scaling your business:

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Businesses are transforming their customer interactions with service chatbots which offer efficient, personalized, and innovative experiences. Among these, ChatBot stands out as our top pick for 2024. You can try the free 14-day trial here. 

Its ability to provide quick and accurate AI-generated answers and a no-coding-required setup makes it an invaluable asset for any business. 

ChatBot ensures faster 24/7 support, operates independently of third-party providers like OpenAI or Google Bard, and strongly emphasizes data security, with all data processed and hosted within its own platform. 

This combination of features positions ChatBot as a leading choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer service experience while maintaining data integrity and operational efficiency.