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Adding a chatbot across channels is intuitive and quick. Integrate with messaging apps and 3rd-party tools in a few clicks.

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Dynamic and interactive responses for better user experience in chat bot


Customize Chat Widget for your business

Customize Chat Widget in ChatBot. Copy the provided code snippet and add it to your website code. You’re ready to go!

Welcome screen

Say "Hi" and get the conversation started in a creative way.

Chat widget  welcome screen

One-click management

Show and hide Chat Widget with a single click.

Chat widget easy management

Custom greetings

Use a beautiful greeting to encourage visitors to start chatting.

Chat widget custom greeting

Personalized look

Choose the color, theme, and avatar to match your brand’s look.

Personalize look of your chat widget

Button type & position

Make Chat Widget fit with your website’s design.

Customizable chat widget button

Copy-and-paste installation

Add Chat Widget to your website with just a couple of clicks.

Chat widget with easy installation


ChatBot works with your favorite tools

Expand the reach of your chatbots. Integrate with messaging apps, CRMs, marketing platforms, and more.

Facebook Messenger logo

Facebook Messenger

Connect with 1.3 B Facebook Messenger users with a simple one-click integration. Make it easier to connect with followers and potential customers from your Facebook fanpage.

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Slack logo


Simplify repetitive tasks in Slack - like booking meetings and ordering food with your team. Save your team time so they can focus on their jobs.

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Automate key sales and marketing tasks

ChatBot can automatically add new leads to your CRM, send you an email after each successful sale, sign customers up to a newsletter, and much more. Get results faster by automating the simple stuff.

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Chat bot integrations
Add ChatBot to your marketing and sales toolbox

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Better together

Combine the speed and automation of ChatBot with the human touch customer service agents in LiveChat. Create the perfect support team.

Dedicated actions

Unlock special features by using LiveChat and ChatBot together. They were designed to work together to improve customer experience.

ChatBot dedicated actions for LiveChat

Smooth transfers

Transfer to live agents exactly when needed. Chatbots will take care of a lot, but they’ll still need to transfer to experts and advisors for certain tasks.

Transfer to live agents using ChatBot integration with LiveChat

Help tickets

When your customer service agents are offline, chatbots will automatically collect information and create help tickets for any issues they can’t handle.

Ticketing system in LiveChat - ChatBot integration


ChatBot goes where you need it to

The open API, webhooks, and Zapier integrations give you the flexibility you need to connect your chatbot to just about anything you can think of.

Connect with webhooks in Chat Bot - icon

Connect with webhooks

Use webhooks to exchange information between chatbots and web services.

Zapier integration in Chat Bot - icon

Browse Zaps for ChatBot

You'll have a collection of Zaps you can always lean on.

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Build your own integration

Dive into the dev docs and discover how easily you can build your own integrations on top of the ChatBot platform.

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