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Launch your chatbot faster using ready-to-go templates.

Templates are chatbot scenarios outlines that support the most common use cases. You can freely reuse them, edit or treat as an inspiration to your own chatbot stories. To learn how to use templates, go to the how import templates section.

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Available templates

  • Package tracking bot - Let customers check the delivery status in the chat window.
  • E-commerce Bot - This advanced bot can show and sell products, track packages, and show your business location.
  • Restaurant Bot - An advanced restaurant chatbot that takes and processes orders and bookings.
  • Recruitment Bot - Finding a real talent takes a lot of chats. Hire an AI-powered head hunter that will do the talking for you.
  • Customer Service Bot - Redefine your customer service with the help of an AI assistant and give your customers instant, and consistent answers 24/7/365.
  • Sales Bot - Sell your products directly from the chat window
  • Offline Form - Use this short story to allow your customers to leave a message while all your agents are offline.
  • Greengrocery - A very basic story for small business that informs where you are and what’s your current offer or service. Or… just follow the step by step tutorial and create this story on your own.
  • The Coffee Shop - This template is a great choice for little coffee shop owners. No complicated interactions or advanced configuration, just simple information about your menu and quick online order. Follow the tutorial to see how to build it.
  • Customer Satisfaction Bot - Use this template to let your visitors and customers rate your customer service, products or whatever you need.

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