The Integration with LiveChat Brings Efficiency and Quality Together

2 min read
Jan 20, 2018
the LiveChat logo on an orange backround

Assign difficult cases to your human agents and leave repeatable tasks to your bots, using one-click LiveChat integration.

LiveChat is a comprehensive customer service tool that allows you to chat with clients directly from your website. It provides instant communication so you can resolve most cases on the spot. If you need to take care of emails, LiveChat has its own ticketing system as well.

With the LiveChat integration, you can add a bot agent to your customer support and automate simple cases, so your support team doesn’t waste the energy on repeatable cases anymore.

Why to use the integration

Chatbots can be very efficient at asking and answering questions, collecting data and performing tasks, but even the best-designed scenario won’t be able to answer all queries. In these situations, your human agents can step in and do what they can do best: think and analyze information based on their knowledge and experience and provide high-quality individual support for your clients.

LiveChat and ChatBot works better together

A basic bot can take over all of the incoming traffic and assign customers to the right departments of your support team, A more advanced one is able to handle your daily tasks, such as scheduling appointments, taking orders or showing your products, and transfer visitors to the support team, only when unable to offer the sufficient assistance. Your bot can be active only at the night time when all your agents are off or work hard 24/7/365.

ChatBot one-click installation

There are no technical skills require to perform the integration. The installation process takes literally seconds. You can add your bot from ChatBot panel as well as from LiveChat.