How to import a template

luiza jurczyk

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Save your time importing a ready to use template and turn it into your own bot assistant.

If you lack experience in creating bot scenario or don’t have enough time, import a template with a ready-to-use scenario and adjust it to your needs. You can edit, delete and move every single element of the story

You can choose from many stories, such as e-commerce, customer satisfaction or basic cafe assistant. Check out the list of the templates here. And remember, this isn’t the final list. We’re working on scenarios for you.

Note that the imported stories can also have entities. You can freely change each element of the template and adjust to your needs. Remember that we’re constantly adding new templates.

Quick tutorial

  1. If you’re seeing your dashboard for the first time, select Import built-in template. If you already have some stories on your dashboard, click the New button and select Import from template.
  2. Now you can see all available templates with short descriptions. Choose the one you want to use and click the Import button.
  3. Next, the system will make sure that you want to import this story. Click Import to confirm.
  4. Go to story to start editing the template or click Cancel to return to your dashboard.

You have successfully imported the first story! Modify, edit and reuse it as much as you need.

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