What are System Entities

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System entities are ready-to-use data buckets that help to extract valuable information from ongoing conversations. Use system entities to get your clients’ phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs and much more.

How to use Entities

  • You can use entities in User Says as well as inthe Bot Responses where you can display collected attributes
  • Use Ask a Question to validate the user input.
  • To access entities, type two curly brackets in the User Says or in Bot Response field. Now you should see the list of system default entities together with those created by you.
  • You can create your own entities. Go to the section User Entities to find out how to set them up.
  • Currently, you can choose from ten available system entities. Go here to check out the list.

Entities names have always the same structure: entity_name:alias_name


Let’s see a few examples:

  • My phone number is sys.phone-number:phone
  • Yes and No answers: sys.yes:yes, sys.no.no

To better understand how system entities work, go here.

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