Chatbot Summit 2019 Summary

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Jul 2, 2019
Chatbot Summit 2019 Summary

When chatbots took off, businesses became super excited. They started to apply them to be in line with the newest trends. But that has changed. Bots are no longer a cool innovation; they are a must that lets brands meet changing users’ expectations. However, that doesn’t mean chatbots stopped evolving — quite the opposite. As we are great chatbot believers, we decided to join other AI makers at the 5th Chatbot Summit to exchange our knowledge and find out what the chatbot world is up to.

Chatbot Summit is one of the biggest and most prominent chatbot conferences in the world. Twice a year Yoav Barel, the CEO and Founder of the event gathers thousands of professionals and enthusiasts to discuss the presence of chatbot technologies, build a strong network of entrepreneurs and together draft the future of the chatbot technology.

It’s not a coincidence that the fifth edition of Chatbot Summit was held in beautiful Tel Aviv, Israel. The country is a giant on the global tech startup stage, and its status is gaining strength on the back of successes of Fiverr, Wix, and StoreDot.

What we took with us

At LiveChat, we’ve always appreciated teamwork. That’s why we decided to take our chatbots enthusiasts on board and head over to Israel.

ChatBot.com team at Chatbot Summit 2019

We’ve been part of the chatbot industry for over two years now. That’s enough time to realize how this kind of tech is pumped up. Do we really need a coffee machine powered by an advanced AI that understands that we are gasping for a cup of coffee in the morning? AI has become so ubiquitous that we started to wonder if it’s really proportional to consumers’ needs.

On the main exposition day, the Head of ChatBot, Darek Zabrzenski, gave a speech on how to cut out the hype from chatbots to move the focus towards the existing problems and solutions. We created ChatBot to automate our main LiveChat software rather than to follow an existing buzz. We hope that sharing this secret has led a few more people to focus more on real-life problems than trendy tech.

The best of Chatbot Summit

1. Networking

Even if your technology is the most exquisite in the market, you still need upsellers, top-notch solutions, partners and knowledge.

The Chatbot Summit expo takes place for one day. However, the event has many concurrent events going on. The parties and meetups organized in various parts of the city help to meet other chatbot enthusiasts and discover Tel-Aviv. The event is a great chance to discuss, arrange B2B meetings, find business partners, hire people, and most importantly, to grow.

Darek Zabrzeński from ChatBot.com at Chatbot Summit 2019

2. Place

Tel Aviv is a part of Israel’s Silicon Wadi, which is claimed to be the second area with the highest concentration of high-technology companies after Californian Silicon Valley. That’s one of the reasons why Israel is called the Start-Up Nation.

But not only the tech industry makes this place a perfect location for Chatbot Summit. Tel-Aviv is just a great place to be. Beautiful weather, rich history, and amazing local cuisine help with establishing contacts. After attending the ‘Bots on the Beach’ networking party we think that there is no better place to meet with like-minded people and talk about the future of technology than Tel-Aviv’s beaches.

Yoav Barel from Chatbot Summit and Szymon Klimczak from LiveChat at Chatbot Summit 2019

3. Knowledge

Whether you’re a chatbot newbie or an experienced old bird, Chatbot Summit is the right place for you to be. Every chatbot enthusiast will find something for them. Discussed topics vary from ethics behind AI to conversation design and chatbots development.
There is also a space for real-implementation examples and its results from different industries.

Moreover, you can choose from a variety of workshops held in intimate groups (day 1) and keynotes and exhibitions (day 2) to create your own learning experience.

Should you go

Chatbot Summit is an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people, get inspired, have a sneak peek into the future of the industry and learn what is the new cool. There is no other event that gathers so many chatbots creators, developers, copywriters, designers and entrepreneurs in one place. If you are interested in conversational AI, conversational design and copywriting - it’s a perfect place for you.

After the 5th Chatbot Summit, we can undoubtedly say that chatbots are doing well and the main peak hasn't arrived yet. However, it’s felt in the bones that changes are just around the corner. The chatbot industry is constantly growing and developing and we expect the next Chatbot Summits to be even better and more inspirational.

Chatbot Summit, Chatbot conference in Tel-Aviv 2019