What are User Entities

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User Entities come with help when you need a data bucket relevant to your services. You can create your knowledge repositories to make your bot work smarter.

In user entities, you can list your products, branches, locations, services and everything you want. Moreover, you can create as many entities as you need.

Good to know

  • You can create as many entities as you need.
  • One entity can have maximum 2000 entry reference values.
  • One entry reference value can have maximum 99 synonyms
  • Use Ask a Question to validate the user input.
  • Check out the list of system entities before creating your own entities.

How to use Entities

  1. You can use Entities in both sections: User Says and in Bot Response.
  2. To access entities, type two curly brackets in the User Says field. Now you should see the full list of system default entities together with those created by you.
  3. Select the entity that you want to use.
  4. Click save to keep your work.

Entities names have always the same structure: entity:alias.

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