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Whether you start your adventure with ChatBot or just return to the app to add a new interaction, you enter the Dashboard.

Your Dashboard gives you a full overview of what’s happening with your chatbots and ongoing conversations. We’d like you to focus on what matters, your bot, that’s why ChatBot is a user-friendly and easy to understand the environment.

Main elements of your dashboard

Getting started with ChatBot

First of all, we recommend you to complete the onboarding lesson in the Academy. It’ll give you a general understanding of the key elements of the ChatBot and help to start your work. That will also give you extra seven days of free trial 🎉 !

Visit the to learn ChatBot’s features and build functional scenarios.

Now you’re all set up your first chatbot. You can start a new project or import an existing one from templates.


Stories is the place where you compose and map the scenario for your chatbot. Every scenario contains many single interactions that describe the bot’s behavior and further actions. Stories is the place where the whole magic happens.

In this section, you can create new stories, view the existing ones and check their performance. Hover over the story to see its metrics from the last week.


Entities give you an array of possibilities to collect and verify user data. They can be used to recognize synonyms, product lists, titles or the input type such as integers, dates, weather, etc. Pick on of the system entities or create your own.

Live Analyses

You can test out your chat anytime you want. Simply click on the chat window in the right bottom corner and start testing and type some queries. You can notice that default bot responses are highlighted. Also, you can track the conversation flow in the story view. Follow the colored lines to see which interactions were active during the test.


When you finish your chat bot, go to this section to integrate your bot with an external application such as LiveChat, Messenger, and Slack. You can also embed the bot into your website using the Chat Widget. Go to the Awaiting Integrations section to express your interest in unavailable integration.


The Academy offers free courses that will guide you through the process of creating chatbot stories. Each lesson explains a different use case and explains features you need to use to create a chatbot. With the know-how you get there you can build any chatbot you need with confidence.


Archives give you real-time insight on your bot performance. Every conversation is shown as a separate thread with date, existing integrations and visitor’s details.

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