Set a delay for bot responses

luiza jurczyk

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Control how long does the bot wait to send the message or perform a task.

The delay is a scrollbar, added automatically to bot responses and actions, that controls the time interval between bot responses. The delay is automatically set to 2 seconds, what we consider as the optimal time for short responses and actions, but it can be quickly increased to 10 seconds or decreased to 0.1 seconds, depending on needs.

The delay gives more time to users to read incoming messages, especially while sending out multiple responses and actions. While the bot is waiting, the user on the other side is seeing the typing indicator what gives a more human-like experience.

Good to know

  • The maximum lengths of the delay equals 10 second and the minimum 0.1 second
  • The feature is automatically added to all bot responses and actions except Go To
  • The delay is supported by all the integrations but Slack