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Kacper Wiącek
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updated: Mar 17, 2021

Customize the main Chat Widget features to make it more unique. You can do it in the “General” settings section, where you can change yourchatbot’s name, description, and more.

Go to general settingsLink icon

  1. To get to Chat Widget settings, go to the “Integrations” and select Chat Widget. Integrations section in ChatBot - Chat Widget
  2. Click on the General setting section. Chat widget’s General settings in ChatBot

Customization optionsLink icon

Customization options of the Chat Widget in ChatBot

  • Enabled - this option allows you to disable or enable ChatBot on your website at any time.
  • Text field - if needed, you can turn the text field off. Just remember that in such a case you need to build your story using rich messages (buttons, carousels, cards, quick replies). Moreover, if you turn the text field off but use “ask a question” action, the text field will be activated so that the user can answer that question. After the user provides the answer, the text field will be automatically turned off again.
  • Name - your chatbot name. Your chatbot can have a human-like name or display your company’s name - it’s up to you.
  • Description - a description will be displayed on the Welcome Screen. It should briefly describe your business and explain how the chatbot can help your customers.
  • Welcome screen - enable this option to show the welcome screen with a description and your social media links before the chat is started.
  • Powered by - disable this option to remove the Powered by ChatBot label in your Chat Widget.
  • Social media - fill it out to share your social media links with the customers directly in Chat Widget and on the welcome screen.

Preview the Chat WidgetLink icon

You can preview the changes you’ve made to the Chat Widget in real-time on the right side of the configuration screen. Choose from one of the views to see the minimized chat, welcome screen, and ongoing chat view.

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