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Organize chats with LiveChat tags.

Tags is a handy LiveChat’s feature that allows categorizing and organizing chats so they can be easily found. Apply tags, such as #complaint or #solved to filters, while browsing past chats in archives to quickly see conversations with similar characteristics.

Note that the Tag bot action uses tags already created in the LiveChat application.

Learn how to use tags

This bot response is designed only for LiveChat. Remember that you need an active LiveChat integration to use this bot action.

  1. First, go to your LiveChat account and follow these steps to create a new tag.
  2. When you’re ready, click on a tag you want to use and copy its name to clipboard.
  3. Now, go to your ChatBot account and open a story.
  4. Go to an interaction’s bot responses and find the LiveChat section.
  5. Click Tag to add the response to the interaction.
  6. Paste the tag’s name you’ve previously copied from LiveChat’s tags.
  7. Save the interaction. Now every time a conversation arrives at this point of the story, it’ll get the tag.

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