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updated: Jul 7, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about the LiveChat<>ChatBot integration.

ActionsLink icon

I pasted the code into my website but my chatbot isn’t transferring customers to agents.Link icon

  1. Check that you followed every step in the LiveChat installation guidelines.

  2. Are your agents available in LiveChat? If they are online, make sure their status is set to Accepting chats.

  3. Check if you have the LiveChat code installed on your website. If you’re using the ChatBot Chat Widget, the LiveChat actions won’t work properly, so make sure to remove the Chat Widget code and switch to the code found in your LiveChat settings.

  4. Have you added the “Transfer chat” action to your bot story? Without it, the conversation will stay between your customer and the bot.

  5. When your customers are waiting in the queue, they won’t have the option to continue chatting with the bot. If there is no slot available, the chat goes to the Failure block. We recommend adding a Bot response next to the Failure block, informing the user that your agents will be available at a different time. You can also add a Create ticket block to get back to them later.

Customers are transferred to agents automatically, without going through the story.Link icon

  1. Check if you have the “Remember recent agent” option disabled for your bot. To do so, please go to your LiveChat Integration settings, select the chosen bot and turn off the option. If you leave it enabled, your returning customers will be transferred to an agent automatically, without the option of going through the story once more.

  2. Make sure the “Transfer chat” action is placed in an appropriate place in your story. If you have any part of the story positioned after the Success block /action, the customer will be transferred to an agent and won’t be able to chat with the bot anymore.

The Transfer chat action routes customers to an incorrect group.Link icon

  1. Check that you picked the correct group in the Transfer chat block. If you want the customer to stay in the group where the chat started, choose Within the same group as an option. If you want to direct the user to a different group, choose To another group and make sure to fill in the number of the group. 

  2. If you’re certain you’ve set up the proper group to transfer the chat to, check that your Routing rules in LiveChat aren’t routing your customers to a different one.

What do Success and Failure blocks placed next to the Transfer chat block mean?Link icon

Success means that your chat was successfully transferred from the bot to an agent. 

Failure means that the chat wasn’t transferred to an agent — either because they weren’t accepting chats or no agent was available. We recommend adding a Bot response next to the Failure block, informing the user that your agents will be available at a different time. You can also add a Create ticket action to get back to them later.

Bot responses aren’t showing after the customer is transferred to an agent.Link icon

Once your customer is transferred to an agent, they leave the chat with the bot, which means that the story that you created after the Success block following the Transfer chat action, won’t be shown to the user.

I connected ChatBot to Facebook, but customers aren’t transferred to agents.Link icon

Once you integrate ChatBot and LiveChat, all of your other integrations need to be connected to LiveChat as well. If you connected your bot to Facebook, please disconnect it and integrate Facebook with the LiveChat app.

Where do I find the number of the LiveChat group?Link icon

You will find the number of the agent group at the end of the URL when you select the group in your LiveChat dashboard.

My tickets are not being created.Link icon

  1. Select the Create ticket block and check that you filled in all the necessary information (subject, e-mail address Attribute as the visitor’s e-mail address and the LiveChat group). Without it, the ticket won’t be created.

  2. Check you’re not using the HelpDesk ticketing system. If you’re using LiveChat’s Create ticket action for the license which is connected to HelpDesk, the action won’t work. Currently, ChatBot doesn’t provide a Create ticket action for HelpDesk (even when triggered through LiveChat), and that’s why your bot is not creating tickets. There are two different ways to solve this issue:

  • As a quick solution, you can switch back to using the LiveChat vanilla tickets.

  • You can keep using HelpDesk and use the Zapier integration to replace the LiveChat Create ticket action. Our Zapier integration allows you to connect ChatBot to thousands of applications available in their software. In this case, you could use the HelpDesk connection with Zapier to make the bot create a ticket. You can create a Zap.

  • If you’re certain that all of the information is filled in correctly, make sure that the email you collected during the chat is validated by the correct Entity. If you’re collecting the address in the LiveChat pre-chat, it’s automatically validated by the Email Entity, but if you’re collecting it, e.g. in a Question block, you have to make sure that the Validation type is Email.

I want to change where the tickets are sent.Link icon

  1. If you want your agents to have the option to receive notifications about new tickets, go to the Agents section and select the specific agent. Next, select the pen icon in the top right corner. Check the New Ticket emails option and save your changes. 

  2. You can set up your email inbox so that the tickets from LiveChat are forwarded to a different address. To do so, please follow the instructions.

How can I add a form to a ticket?Link icon

If you’d like to collect information from the user before creating a ticket, we recommend using the Question block to create a form.

My transcripts aren’t created.Link icon

  1. Select the Create ticket block and check that you filled in the email address attribute properly. Without it, the ticket won’t be created.

  2. If you’re certain that the email is filled in correctly, make sure that the address you collected during the chat is validated by the correct Entity. If you’re collecting the address in the LiveChat pre-chat, it’s automatically validated by the Email Entity, but if you’re collecting it, e.g. in a Question block, you have to make sure that the Validation type is set to Email.

Tags aren’t added to LiveChat.Link icon

  1. Note that tags that are created during the conversation with the bot have to already exist in your LiveChat tag list. You can check the existing list by going to your Tag settings.

  2. Make sure that the tags in your ChatBot story exactly match the tags in your LiveChat list. This includes capitalization and special characters.

How can I remove the chatbot transfer and chatbot tags from my LiveChat tag list?Link icon

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to permanently remove these two tags from your Tag list. You can delete them, but if a new chat is transferred from the bot to an agent, they will be created automatically again.

How is the information collected in the pre-chat saved in ChatBot?Link icon

Collected information is later passed to ChatBot as default attributes with the default_ prefix*, and you can use them in your story. 

Keep in mind that questions from the survey will be passed to ChatBot in the same form along with the default_ prefix*. E.g., Question: “What is your phone number?” will be passed as the default_Whatisyourphonenumber attribute, and the number will be the value of this attribute. Remember that the characters here are case-sensitive.

SettingsLink icon

When I select the Manage bot button, it shows an expired account/an account without any bots.Link icon

The Manage bot button in LiveChat automatically logs in to the account of the same email address as your LiveChat account. If your bots are created on an account of a different address, the button won’t work. If you’d like to manage your bot settings or edit your story, we recommend logging in directly through the website.

I changed my email address in ChatBot but when I view my bot in the Agents section, the old one shows up.Link icon

Unfortunately, changes to your email address made on the ChatBot account won’t be updated in the LiveChat Agents section. If you’d like the new address to be visible on the account, please contact us at and we’ll remove the old information. After that, you will have the option to integrate the bot again with the new address.

How can I delete a bot from my Agents list in LiveChat?Link icon

  1. You can do so by going to the Chatbots list and selecting the chosen bot. Next, select the pen icon in the top right corner. At the bottom, you will find the option to Delete ChatBot.

  2. Make sure you’re the person responsible for creating the bot. If you’re not the one who integrated the bot with your LiveChat account, you won’t be able to delete it,

  3. If the person who created the bot is no longer available to delete the bot, please contact us at and we’ll take care of that for you.

It says that my tokens are expired. What happened and what do I do?Link icon

It’s difficult to establish why this may have happened (sometimes it happens randomly, sometimes it’s due to a role change on your account). Make sure to reconnect your bots by selecting them.

I modified my widget in the ChatBot settings but nothing changed on my website.Link icon

Once you integrate ChatBot and LiveChat, LiveChat becomes the “primary” software, which means that you should edit its widget, not ChatBot’s. You can do so by going into the Chat widget customization settings.

I like the ChatBot widget more — can I keep it if I’m using LiveChat?Link icon

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the ChatBot widget if you integrate it with LiveChat, but we provide the Customer SDK, which you can use to modify the widget the way you want.

I have LiveChat greetings turned on, but the bot sends a fallback message once the user selects the button.Link icon

If your customers are sent a fallback message, that means the bot can’t recognize the phrases attached to your greetings. You’ll need to replace the phrases within your story in order for the proper bot reply to be sent. Find more information on how to set it up.

Can the bot work within Messaging Mode?Link icon

Unfortunately, the bot can’t work within Messaging Mode.

Can I have manual selection on? Link icon

Unfortunately, if you turn on manual selection in your LiveChat settings for the group where the chat starts, the bot won’t be able to talk to your customers and they will be transferred directly to your agents.

If you have manual selection turned on for the group to which you transfer your customers from the bot, the chats will go into the queue where they can be picked up by agents.

Can I send attributes from ChatBot to LiveChat?Link icon

Unfortunately, currently, it’s not possible to send the attributes collected during the chat with the bot to LiveChat.

My customers are greeted twice by the bot. How do I fix this?Link icon

This happens because there are two greetings set up — one from LiveChat and one from ChatBot. It’s not possible to remove your LiveChat Welcome message. What you need to do is edit your story — remove or edit your Welcome Message. You will find it at the beginning of your story.

How to ask for personal information before the chat starts. Link icon

You can use the pre-chat survey in LiveChat to gather data from your customers to be able to contact them later and have all the relevant information at hand. Additionally, you can use attributes such as the Name to make the bot address your customers in a more personal way.

How can my customers rate the chat after it ends? Link icon

You can use the post-chat survey in LiveChat, which is a useful tool to check what your customers think about your support or the chat with the bot.

How many chats can the bot/my agents take at once?Link icon

Your agents and the bot can handle up to 500 chats at once.

SubscriptionLink icon

Are LiveChat and ChatBot separate subscriptions?Link icon

Yes, they are two separate products that can each be used without the need to install the other.

LiveChat is a tool you can use to talk to your clients online and create tickets when your agents are offline. You can read about all the LiveChat features, but some of the most useful ones are:

  • access to all your chats and user information

  • managing your team of agents

  • customer satisfaction rating

  • being available for your clients at specific times, even 24/7/365

  • chat supervision

  • and so many more.

ChatBot, on the other hand, can talk to your clients when you can’t. You can create a story that leads your customers to, e.g. buying a product, refunds, general info, contact information, whatever you choose. Here’s a list of all the ChatBot features, some of them include:

  • automatization

  • customers being able to contact your bot when you can’t be online (any time of day!)

  • being able to transfer the customer to an agent once Chatbot can’t “help” them anymore

  • access to reports, archives, most used interactions — you get to know what your customers are most interested in

  • collecting user data.

These products used together can be an amazing tool to increase engagement. They can give your customers the feeling that they can contact you any time and always have access to all the necessary information. Make sure to check out the ChatBot pricing and the LiveChat pricing.

In which LiveChat plan is ChatBot enabled? Which ChatBot plan do I need to connect with LiveChat?Link icon

There isn’t any plan where ChatBot is included and automatically enabled, but you can integrate LiveChat with ChatBot on a plan of your choice. 

Note that there are differences between the number of active bots between different subscriptions, which means that if you want to have more than one bot integrated with LiveChat, you’ll need to consider purchasing a higher plan. An active bot means a bot that’s connected to any integration (excluding our native Chat Widget) and is enabled (accepting chats). Once a bot is disabled in the integration settings, it frees the active bot slot. 

I would like to cancel LiveChat/ChatBot.Link icon

LiveChat and ChatBot are separate products. If you’d like to cancel your subscription to LiveChat, please contact our Support Heroes. They’re available 24/7/365. If you want to cancel the ChatBot subscription, send us a message at If you can, share your feedback with us, and we’ll take care of that for you. 

Don’t forget to check our Help Center as well! You’ll find many useful articles that’ll help you integrate LiveChat and ChatBot with ease. Here’s a list of articles you might find handy:

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