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The Rainforest Alliance Supports Over 1200 Users Monthly by Using a Chatbot

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Aug 20, 2021
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The Rainforest Alliance found that ChatBot helps increase their client interactions at low expense. The organization built a website chatbot to answer popular questions from clients around the clock so their staff could focus on more challenging and less repetitive tasks.

The brand 

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization based in New York and Amsterdam. It offers a certification program for supply chain actors that allows both individual farmers and larger businesses to sell products labeled as being consistent with sustainable agriculture standards. The certificate promulgates green production and encourages consumers to make conscious purchases.

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Their mission 

The brand's main goal is to protect nature and make responsible business the new normal. The organization makes efforts to implement scalable solutions and test innovative ways that drive change. The Rainforest Alliance works at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests. They bring together farmers, forest communities, businesses, and consumers who are willing to change the way the world produces, sources, and consumes products and goods. Companies who apply for Rainforest Alliance certification obtain guidance on how to lower production costs, adapt to climate change, and meet sustainable standards. Sourcing Rainforest Alliance certified products help these businesses meet consumer expectations and strengthen the credibility of their businesses.

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The problem

The organization has requirements in place for every business operation. They support farmers and businesses in over 60 countries and consequently receive a high volume of inquiries, most of which cover the same topics. In response, the Rainforest Alliance sought out a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. They required a tool that would enable them to decrease the number of emails and calls that needed to be answered by human agents. The organization had been testing a couple of solutions for over two years with little success until they finally found a proper tool — ChatBot.

The solution

ChatBot met the challenge and was one of the top options the Rainforest Alliance tested during their research. The platform makes it easy to build chatbots with no coding and doesn’t require any technical background. It’s also super simple for the end-user, so it became an obvious choice. 

The organization used the brand-new version of ChatBot’s Visual Builder to easily prototype their chatbot and structure its Story using various topics. Having all their subjects neatly organized, the brand created a helpful chatbot that functions as a conversational knowledge base. Visitors can select from the predefined options presented via interactive menus and buttons.


The chatbot takes the visitor around the Rainforest Alliance’s complex website, helping them easily and quickly locate particular materials among the various pages. With a chatbot’s assistance, clients can find specific information without having to ask a human agent for help.

rainforest alliance sharing their video via a chatbot

Also, by using a support chatbot, users can find answers to repetitive questions regarding the company’s certificate program, webinars, upcoming events, and the latest updates. What’s more, the chatbot helps the Rainforest Alliance generate leads. It encourages visitors to start a sustainable agriculture e-course that educates them about certification and lets them connect with the organization’s educators. 

To provide a better user experience, the Rainforest Alliance decided to open specific subpages within the chat widget using the Moments feature. As a result, their clients can watch YouTube videos, download files and obtain all the information they need without leaving the chatbot conversation. 



ChatBot has helped the Rainforest Alliance provide immediate and accessible information to their clients 24/7 via their website without increasing the agent headcount. Eleven months down the road and their support chatbot has helped the brand resolve inquiries coming from an average of 1200 users monthly. Added to that, the company has seen over 350 interactions with the top ten topics via their chatbot. 

ChatBot helped our organization to make it easy for clients to find training materials and requirements. As a global company, we have so many documents on different pages. Now, they’re all in one place, in ChatBot.

Aurelio Manuel, Senior Associate, Customer Success at The Rainforest Alliance

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Nonprofits do more for less with chatbots 

The Rainforest Alliance story shows that nonprofits can successfully use conversational chatbots to supercharge their efforts. The website chatbot can work as the first line of customer support and can free employees and volunteers from handling mundane and repetitive tasks. Organizations can now save precious time and focus on resolving more challenging and rewarding tasks. Another advantage of chatbots is that they make it possible for users to easily find important information whenever they need it. Because of this, nonprofits can use conversational support to educate people and fulfill their mission with less work.

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