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ChatBot 2.0 - user avatar I need help with my account
ChatBot 2.0 - user avatar ChatBot 2.0 - issue resolved
Can you reset my password?
ChatBot 2.0 - user avatar Hello!
ChatBot 2.0 - user avatar Can you connect me with a sales agent?
ChatBot 2.0 - user avatar Can I book a table for two on Sunday?
ChatBot 2.0 - user avatar ChatBot 2.0 - issue resolved
What is my order status?
ChatBot 2.0 - user avatar ChatBot 2.0 - issue resolved
How long does the cruise take?
ChatBot 2.0 - user avatar Thank you!
ChatBot 2.0 - user avatar I’m looking for waterproof running shoes
ChatBot 2.0 - issues resolved

Take what’s the best in AI, keeping your support effective and reliable

Get your own AI model that can scan a designated resource to generate relevant answers to user questions. The model you create doesn’t make up facts. It always sticks to your data, which gives you full control of its responses.

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ChatBot 2.0 - step 1

Choose your training resource

To train your AI bot, connect it with your data source. That can be your website, KnowledgeBase articles, HelpDesk tickets, or any other resource. Once linked, ChatBot crawls your data to create an AI model that’s ready to answer user questions. 

Chatbot software training sources Chatbot software training sources
ChatBot 2.0 - step 2

Tweak it and achieve more

Enhance your bot’s potential to meet more business goals. Select the topics it should cover and add Skills — predefined tasks your conversational chatbot can do, like collecting newsletter subscribers or gathering customer feedback.

The ChatBot application screenshot view of Bot Skills in the ChatBot user platform
ChatBot 2.0 - step 3

Combine it with human support

Your smart bot's capabilities depend on the information it finds in your resource. However, when necessary, the bot can let the user chat with a human agent, make a call, or create a support ticket in the chat window.

The application screenshot of an AI chatbot transfer to a live chat human support agent
ChatBot 2.0 - step 4

Copy and paste, and it’s done

You can customize your bot’s look and add it to your website without coding. If you’d like to connect ChatBot with other services, that’s a piece of cake too. Just use one of our integrations. 

The visualization of AI ChatBot Chat Widget color theme configurator

Get an AI model tailored to your business needs 

Free 14-day trial No credit card required


What’s ChatBot?

ChatBot is an AI-powered software that lets you build and launch intelligent chatbots across multiple communication channels. The platform can help you automate your customer communication, enhance your marketing activities, and grow your sales by combining what's best in AI technology and human expertise.

What is AI Assist?

AI Assist is a ChatBot feature that dynamically responds to users' questions without having strictly predefined answers. It's explicitly trained on the data from your website, help center, or text articles. It uses generative AI to answer questions automatically.

Is AI Assist the same as ChatGPT?

AI Assist is a standalone solution without dependencies on third-party providers like OpenAI (ChatGPT). It's dedicated to creating customer service chatbots for businesses, while ChatGPT is a broader generative AI service.

Can I update my AI bot once it’s generated?

Once generated, you can update your bot by training it with additional content from your website, help center, or text documents. You can also improve your bot's knowledge by adjusting answers to specific questions. In addition, it's possible to manually edit the chatbot scenario to tailor the conversation flow to your business needs.

What does “I can control my AI chatbot” mean?

While most available AI models generate uncontrolled outputs, the ChatBot platform lets you create a self-learning AI model that's fed with your business data, not random information from external sources. Thanks to that, you're assured that your customers will get relevant and reviewed information, and your chatbot communication is free of hallucinations.

How accurate is ChatBot AI Assist?

ChatBot AI Assist provides answers based on the content that it was previously trained on, like website pages or text articles. There's always a risk that an AI model can misinterpret the provided information. Make sure that the AI bot is trained with the proper scope of data and that it's thoroughly tested before publishing.

What languages does ChatBot AI Assist support?

The new AI Assist feature is currently available for bots operating in English. Other ChatBot features are language-agnostic, so you can create a chatbot in any language by starting with Templates or building your bot from scratch in the Visual Builder.

How much does ChatBot cost?

You can start with $52 a month. To see all ChatBot plans, visit our pricing page.

Can I test ChatBot for free now?

Yes, you can test the ChatBot platform during a free 14-day trial.