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  • Provide excellent user experience by building smart and efficient bots. Learn how to create smooth conversation, add filters and what are default interactions.

    FAQ Action Module

    Get powerful customer support by using our automated FAQ action. Simply add common user questions, and answer them around the clock 24/7.


    Validate user responses and collect leads.

    Close Chat

    When the chat meets its purpose, bid your client goodbye exactly as you would do in face to face situation.

    A/B Test

    The new A/B Test action enables you to test up to 5 different flows at the same time.

    Add to segment

    The Add to segment action adds a user to a chosen segment.


    Block previously matched interactions so that the user can’t trigger them again.

    Create a Ticket for LiveChat

    Stay in touch with your customers even when the chat is finished.

    Delete from segment

    The Delete from segment action removes a user from a selected segment.


    Filters allow you to decide when and whether a specific answer is sent to users.

    Go to

    The Go to step action lets you redirect users to a specific interaction when they reach a certain point.

    Goal for LiveChat

    Use LiveChat goals in your chatbot scenarios and know your bot's performance.

    Send transcript for LiveChat

    Use transcript action to receive emails when ongoing chats reach certain goals.

    Tag for LiveChat

    Let the bot tag ongoing chats and stay organized.

    Transfer chat for LiveChat

    Transfer the chat to your customer support team when your bot can’t handle it.

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