Quick Replies

luiza jurczyk

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With Quick Replies, you can create short instant replies that can be selected by users. This form of response may be convenient for meeting scheduling, surveying, and suggesting possible answers.

The reply suggestions are displayed below the text message. Selecting a quick reply is optional, and the user can still type other answer.

Please note that if you use multiple responses and actions in one interaction, quick replies must be placed in the last position.

How to Use Quick Replies

  1. Choose bot responses in the interaction view.
  2. Select quick replies from the bot responses.
  3. Now, add a message and a couple of buttons. Note that you can add maximum 11 buttons to one response.
  4. Assign each button a type and actions that will be triggered when the button is clicked.
  5. Save the interaction.

Quick replies and Integrations

Quick replies work with Messenger, Chat Widget and Slack integrations. To see the full compatibility table, go here.

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