New in ChatBot? This short overview will help you to understand better what chatbots are and how you can take advantage of their vast potential.

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Build your chatbot

Follow up many step-by-step tutorials to learn how to build comprehensive and powerful chatbots.

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Turn your scenarios into unique stories. Learn what stories are, how to plan and map your conversation and use references.

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Provide excellent user experience by building smart and efficient bots. Learn how to create smooth conversation, add filters and what are default interactions.

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Bot responses

See all the available bot responses together with extensive case studies to understand how to use them. Also, check the compatibility table to know which responses are designed for which integrations.

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System Entities

Use System Entities to recognize essential user input such as e-mail address, phone number, URLs and much more.

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User Entities

User Entities give you an array of possibilities to collect custom user’s data. Here you will find useful examples of using entities and know how to build them for your needs.

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Assign data to a user or an ongoing chat using attributes, to personalize the conversation.

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Webhooks allow you to connect your chatbot to your web services. Pass information from interactions and retrieve the result.

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Artificial intelligence

Learn how to tweak the AI of your bot by selecting the matching system that is right for your story.

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LiveChat integration

LiveChat is an ultimate customer service application that provides chatting solution for business

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Reports give an insight into your bots’ performance. With the data in hands, you can get a better understanding of what parts of the stories work and what interactions require some extra work.

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Use your chatbot with popular messaging apps such as Messenger and Slack. Also, check the compatibility table, as different integrations may support different bot replies.

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Learn how to set the essential behavior of your bots, such as confidence score and lifespan. Find your API keys and modify the account.

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Use Moments to load your web application inside the chat widget.

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Use templates to build powerful chatbots even faster.

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Users allow you to get closer to the people that chat with your bot and build relationships.

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