The Best AI Chatbot Tools in 2023

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Nov 7, 2023
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AI marketing tools, including AI chatbots, have already taken over the world. These intelligent conversational agents have revolutionized the way companies engage their audiences.

AI tools have streamlined the work of many people, making it possible to automate many processes and reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. It is no different in customer service or marketing departments. Machine learning has taken over the world.

How to make an AI chatbot

First, it's worth understanding what AI chatbots are and their crucial role in our digital landscape.

So, what is chatbot AI?

AI chatbots are advanced software that mimics human conversations with users. They harness the power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to engage users in meaningful dialogues.

Their role in the digital world is to “fight on the front lines of the digital world,” meeting various user needs in:

Generative AI tools vs. rule-based chatbots

To understand AI chatbots more deeply, we must differentiate between generative AI chatbots and their rule-based counterparts.

  1. Rule-based chatbots
    These chatbots operate based on predefined instructions. They can respond to specific commands, which means that their interactions can sometimes be limited. However, they are still based on a functioning system that can guide the user through a conversation, solve a problem, or redirect to a support agent.
  2. Generative AI chatbots
    In contrast, generative AI chatbots utilize natural language processing technology and machine learning. They evolve and improve their responses, making them more adaptable and flexible.

What to look for in an AI chatbot

Beyond these distinctions, it is essential to explore the applications of AI chatbots. Areas worth exploring include:

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The best AI chatbots in 2023

Now that we know what AI chatbots are and how they work, let's review the best tools in 2023.

Customer support tools based on AI

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming indispensable companions for customer service agents. AI assistants strengthen support teams, improve efficiency, and provide more effective solutions to customers. Whether automating routine tasks, providing instant access to information, or analyzing customer data, artificial intelligence is at the heart of a new era in customer service.

#1 ChatBot: A sneak peek into the future of AI-enhanced customer support

A new version of ChatBot is already here - ChatBot AI Assist is waiting to increase your customer experience. And it’s not just for customer support agents - it's a significant step forward in AI tools for marketers and sales. This refreshed chatbot has several features that will improve customer interactions and make it easier for businesses to deliver top-notch service.

Training resource options 

When we refer to "enhanced training capabilities," it means that ChatBot AI Assist thoroughly analyzes your website, help center (whether it's a KnowledgeBase, Zendesk, or any other help center URL), or any other available text-based resources, enabling it to deliver precise AI-generated responses to customer inquiries swiftly. 

ChatBot AI Assist doesn't confine itself to a single data source; instead, it provides remarkable flexibility, empowering you to train your chatbot using diverse data sources.  

Scenario created by trained ChatBot

A world of personalization and skill sets

The new version allows you to show your creativity. You can customize the topics the AI ChatBot is proficient in and introduce a broader range of skills. 

There are several topics you should consider, such as defining the skills that the chatbot will perform. Depending on your business needs, you should consider customer service, marketing, or sales. Skills include actions such as collecting newsletter subscribers and customer feedback, scheduling meetings, or creating tickets. By defining these skills, you can ensure your chatbot can deliver the desired results and improve the overall user experience. All of this is within easy reach.

The perfect combination of AI and human support

The distinguishing feature of ChatBot is the seamless integration of artificial intelligence and human support. ChatBot knows when to call a human agent for more complex questions. Whether this means connecting a user to a live chat agent, initiating a call, or generating a support ticket, the chatbot effortlessly bridges the gap between artificial intelligence and human interaction.

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How to make your own AI chatbot

Setting up an AI chatbot is very simple. You have the flexibility to seamlessly align the design of your chatbot with your unique brand identity. Tailoring its appearance to reflect your brand's essence, you can incorporate your chatbot's name (with the important caveat of clearly signaling that customers are interacting with a non-human entity). You can also freely modify the color scheme, imbue the chatbot with a distinctive image, craft personalized buttons, and create welcoming messages that resonate with your audience. 

What’s more, no coding is required. Integrate it into your website; it's not complicated - simply use code snippet or integration. 

Everything you need to know you can see in the video below:

AI Content marketing tools

AI marketing tools are also revolutionizing how marketers engage with audiences. They can help write content, create briefs, and prepare newsletters or emails to clients. 


When it comes to writing tasks that require an extra dose of creativity and imagination, steps up as your reliable co-pilot. This tool is for copywriters and content creators looking to infuse fresh and captivating content into their work. brings to the table such things as:

  1. A variety of content: It generates text for various purposes, including marketing copy, engaging blog headlines, enticing product descriptions, and even creative social media posts.
  2. Creative brainstorming: When you provide a prompt, initiates a creative brainstorming session, offering multiple suggestions. 
  3. Ease of use:'s user-friendly interface ensures you don't need to be a tech whiz to maximize its capabilities. You can effortlessly navigate through the tool.
  4. Content customization: Beyond generating content, you can customize the suggestions to match your brand's tone, style, and voice.

#2 Jasper

Jasper is designed to help you create various content types, from compelling blog posts to engaging YouTube video scripts, detailed reports, and emails. Whether you prefer to use templates as a starting point or start from scratch, Jasper is your creative assistant.

Jasper uses NLP capabilities to deliver contextually relevant.

It also checks texts for grammar, ensuring the content contains no errors or slip-ups. What's more, it is equipped with a plagiarism checker, guaranteeing the originality of any text created.

Jasper is not just limited to generating content. It can effectively summarize long texts and suggest further articles on similar topics.


#3 ChatGPT

ChatGPT has redefined online conversations, offering the flexibility and ease of use that sets it apart.

Whether you are delving into marketing, conducting market research, or creating persuasive sales emails, ChatGPT is your companion.

Moreover, when you integrate ChatGPT with Zapier, you unlock further possibilities. With this integration, ChatGPT pushes the boundaries and becomes accessible from within your favorite applications, making your workflow more efficient.

ChatGPT's strengths include:


#4 Google Bard

Google Bard is a multi-faceted AI tool that can efficiently perform many tasks.

Its connection to the internet sets Google Bard apart from the crowd. It actively searches online sources to provide users with information, providing a more comprehensive and dynamic experience. Compared to ChatGPT, users prefer Google Bard for its conversational style.

One of the standout features of Google Bard is its flexibility. You can edit the prompts after they are sent, ensuring the conversation fits perfectly with your goals. Moreover, Google Bard offers three draft versions for each result, allowing you to choose the most appropriate version.


However, Google Bard does have some limitations, such as:

AI tools used for social media marketing

Social media has become essential for companies to connect, communicate, and grow digitally.

AI marketing tools offer innovative solutions to enhance social media marketing efforts.

#1 Wordtune

Wordtune is an AI marketing tool designed to take text to the next level.

Wordtune offers a wealth of alternative wording to improve your composition when you enter text. It suggests synonyms and even offers sentence rearrangements to make the content more impactful and engaging.

Wordtune's intuitive interface allows you to navigate through the various alternatives seamlessly. Whether you need minor revisions or significant rewording, Wordtune helps you create a draft.


#2 Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI marketing tool to help with writing. It is renowned for its ability to check spelling and text structure. It goes beyond simple proofreading to offer valuable insights into English usage.

This comprehensive solution provides the means to maintain impeccable language skills. It allows you to adjust the tone of your writing, ensuring that it resonates precisely as intended. Also, Grammarly simplifies intricate phrases, making them more concise and reader-friendly.

Moreover, it is not tied to a single platform; instead, it offers extensions and integrations that allow you to use its power wherever there is a text box.


Visual AI content tools

Visual AI tools are the driving force behind captivating images and artworks. These tools offer many possibilities to create content that engages, inspires, and amazes, redefining the boundaries of visual creativity.

#1 Midjourney

Midjourney is a creative tool that works by combining AI with art. It allows images to be generated from descriptions given by the user. What sets the tool apart is its unlimited ability to bring the imagination to life with vivid, if sometimes bizarre, results.

Although its integration with Discord may initially seem unconventional, once you get used to it, it facilitates creating images with Midjourney.


#2 Runway

Runway offers a range of captivating features designed to make video creation an easy and fast experience. It provides various AI-powered tools to generate videos, images, 3D animations, and audio enhancements. You can use these tools to modify existing images, remove unwanted objects, or alter the style of your videos. 

With Runway, you can:


#3 DALL·E 2

OpenAI presents DALL-E 2, a revolutionary image-generation tool that blurs the line between imagination and reality.

Key features of DALL-E 2:

However, it does have some limitations:

DALL-E 2 works with a credit pricing model. Each text hint consumes approximately one credit, and credits can be conveniently purchased in bundles.


Shaping the future with AI marketing tools

From content generation to SEO improvements, from chatbots to visual content, it is apparent that the future of marketing is intertwined with AI. Companies, marketers, and creatives are using technology to shape a tomorrow where personalized content, streamlined processes, and meaningful customer interactions are the norm.