Build Your Bot
for Slack

Would you like to have a virtual team member? The one that will help you manage tasks, guide new employees or improve office workflow? You can get yourself a Slackbot today and boost your productivity.

Tailor Slackbot
to your needs

Don’t limit yourself to the ready-to-go bots available on the market. You can have much more!

With ChatBot you can build your bot suitable for your needs. And you don’t need any programming skills to do it! Use the easy drag&drop interface to create your conversation scenario.

Use Slackbot inside your company

Your bot can be your personal assistant and it will always be in a good mood. It can help you with repeatable tasks, like setting up your meetings, doing onboarding for new team members or whatever you need. It just won’t make you coffee.

The bot can also work with your database and pull out the needed numbers, based on the scenarios you’ve made. It’s more advanced than regular Slack commands which you have to remember. Not anymore!

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