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Dariusz Zabrzeński
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updated: Dec 6, 2019

Decrease the time that your HR team spends on sourcing candidates, answering simple questions from potential employees and speed up your lead generation process with our Recruitment Bot template. While designing the template, we’re focused on increasing users’ engagement and automating some of the most repetitive tasks to make the recruitment process more efficient. Check out how easily you can implement and use your new recruitment assistant. 🤖

What can the Recruitment Bot do

The Recruitment Bot covers main areas of the daily lead generation process, from showing currently available positions, describing requirements and benefits, to simple candidates’ screening and collecting their data. Additionally, you can easily post new job offers and edit the existing ones in a matter of minutes.

What’s inside

Simple menu

Thanks to easy navigation, candidates will be able to access all the important information directly from a chat window. What’s included? Information about the company, open positions, links to your company’s social media and contact form - everything that your potential employee might be searching for on your website.

We all know that less time spent on clicking and searching for information equates higher success rate for your Recruitment team. 📈

Recruitment HR chatbot template with a simple menu by

Effortless sourcing

Promote open positions and share all the important information with candidates in a simple and easy to absorb way. No need to spend time answering repetitive questions about requirements and perks - Recruitment Bot will do it for you!

We recommend dividing job offers by departments to simplify navigation.
We recommend dividing job offers by departments to simplify navigation.

Recruitment HR chatbot template by

Easy applying and collecting of applicants’ data

When a candidate decides to apply for one of your job offers (clicks the ‘Apply Now’ button), then the chosen job title will be automatically added to an attribute ‘selected_position’ - thanks to that you’ll be able to connect a form with candidate’s data to a specific position.

Adding attributes to recruitment chatbot template for HR teams

Forget long, boring forms and use Recruitment Bot to gather the most important information about your potential employees. People interested in your offer will just need to answer a few simple questions:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Link to LinkedIn profile (optional)
  • Website URL (optional)
  • Link to Facebook profile (optional)

Filling out this information should take seconds. Once the process is finished, the applicant will receive information that your HR team will soon get in touch with them.

Recruitment bot template for HR teams with easy applying

Collected data can be automatically sent to your email (use our Zapier integration) or saved in Google Spreadsheets - you choose what works better for you.

How to import the template

Click here to go to your dashboard and start using the Recruitment Bot template now.

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