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Interactions are the key components of every story. They anticipate the user input and determine the bot’s behavior. You decide what happens in each interaction and how is your bot going to behave.

An interaction fires up when the query entered by a user matches with the user says phrases we’ve added. When this match is successful, the bot starts answering. Various responses and actions allow you to compose any answer you want and rule them using filters and delays.

Every interaction is build from the following components:


Each interaction should be given a unique name to identify its function easily. For instance, if the interaction replies to a pizza order, call it Pizza Order. You can use letters, numbers and special characters for the names but we recommend you to keep it short.

User Says

User Says represent messages which are used to recognize the interaction. In other words, when your bot identifies User Says, it triggers Bot Responses. User Says cannot be the same as user input message.

The accuracy of recognition depends on your confidence score which you can set up in the Settings tab.

Fill these fields in all the possible queries related to the topic of this interaction. Use various synonyms, grammatical structures and forms to embrace most of the probable inquiries.

While filling in the User Says section, don’t worry about variants with misspelled words. ChatBot is already trained to do that for you.

Let’s see an example. Imagine that you have a little pizzeria. This interaction will handle all of the pizza orders.

  • Can I order a pizza?
  • Do you take pizza orders?
  • Order pizza
  • I'd like to order pizza
  • Hi, I would like to have a pizza
  • I want to eat pizza
  • Pizza deliver

In Archives you can find all conversations with your bot. Analyzing them may suggest you additional ways your visitors verbalize their queries. Edit your interaction with better accuracy.

Bot Responses

Bot Responses are the messages that your bot will use within an interaction as the reply. Bot responses can be built from many possible reactions such as text, card, images and filters. Composing responses is very easy. Fill the responses you want and drag and drop them to order them. Read more

Default Interactions

To simplify the process of creating a Story, we enable two default and one optional interactions for you:

You can customize these interactions, exactly the same way as you edit other interactions. The welcome and fallback interactons can be disactivated.

How to add interactions

Your first interaction is always created automatically. Give it a name and hit the save button. To add a new interaction, click on the + symbol at any point in the story.

How to delete interactions

To remove an existing interaction, click on the bin symbol. The system will ask you to confirm this operation. Click Confirm if you are sure.

Remember that by removing interactions you also remove related interactions and references.

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