COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot - coronavirus symptom checker

Join over 250 organizations using the free COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool

Coronavirus symptoms checker for public organizations

Public organizations

Educate citizens about coronavirus symptoms and procedures.

Chatbot for hospitals - COVID-19  symptoms checker


Instruct people how to proceed if their symptoms suggest COVID-19.

Chatbot COVID-19 symptoms checker for businesses


Provide employees with reliable information and advice.

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Fight disinformation

Fight disinformation

Help identify coronavirus symptoms and provide advice on whether and where people should seek medical assistance.

Symptom checker

The chatbot asks a series of questions, quickly analyzes reported symptoms, and determines whether a person is in a high risk group.

Reliable advice

Depending on the interview results, the person gets appropriate guidelines prepared in advance by medical experts.

Local information

The chatbot provides phone numbers of local health institutions to help people obtain medical help faster.

Free to use & easy to set up

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Add to your website

Launch the Risk Assessment Chatbot on your website using our free Chat Widget. The installation is quick and doesn’t require coding.

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Connect with Facebook Messenger

Integrate ChatBot with Messenger using our free integration. Quickly launch the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot on Facebook fan pages.

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Support globally with COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbots

Support globally

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool has already handled 300,000 checkups and is commercially used by over 250 companies around the world:

Tick icon Dovera

Tick icon Ministry of Health (Poland)

Tick icon Global Excel

Tick icon Batist Medical

Tick icon PZU

Tick icon Ministry of Healthcare (Ukraine)

Tick icon Dr. Sintomas

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ChatBot + Infermedica works together

Why we combined forces

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot was created in partnership with Infermedica, a provider of AI-driven solutions for medical diagnosis. By combining ChatBot’s technology and Infermedica's expertise, we created a simple tool that helps self-evaluate the risk of infection. We believe that by sharing the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot for free, we can help spread verified information about coronavirus symptoms, and support people seeking medical advice.

Support globally with COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbots

Advice you can trust

WHO guidelines

The Risk Assessment Chatbot’s content is based strictly on WHO’s data and guidelines.

Verified by medical experts

All recommendations were implemented in consultation with Infermedica’s medical team.

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Free to use for everyone Easy to set up

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