What is a ChatBot template?

Templates are ready-to-use chatbot Stories prepared by our experts. They let you quickly launch task-specific and industry-oriented chatbots on websites, Messenger, LiveChat, and other popular messaging platforms. ChatBot templates can be used as they are, customized to your individual needs, or treated as a base to develop more complex chatbots Stories.

University ChatBot

Why ChatBot templates

The initial step of chatbot creation is the hardest to take. Templates give you a running start. They are convenient if you don’t know how to get going with your chatbot or can’t make time for building it from scratch.

ChatBot templates cover the most popular marketing, sales, and support cases. Make use of them to build perfect chatbots for your use cases, all without coding.


  • Smooth implementation
  • Simple customization
  • Wide choice
  • Integrations with most popular platforms


  • Improve your customer communication
  • Power up your marketing efforts
  • Automate repetitive support tasks
  • Save time & costs
  • Gain a competitive advantage

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