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Szymon Białas

Szymon Białas

Content Automation Specialist

Hello there!

I’m Szymon, and I’m a content automation specialist at My main area of interest is modern technology, customer service, digital marketing, automation, communication, and hence communication automation! All this while maintaining an engaging and valuable message. 

If you have any questions regarding the topics mentioned in my articles or want to start a casual chat, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn. Yes, 100% human conversation! 

Enjoy your reading!

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How Chatbots Revolutionize Lead Generation

Picture this: an ecommerce business without a lead generation or customer acquisition strategy. It’s like a superhero without their trusty sidekick or a magician without a rabbit up their sleeve. It’s nearly impossible to imagine. As someone knowledgeable about... read more

8 minutes
May 26, 2023

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