LiveChat Accounts: a new way to log in to ChatBot

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updated: Sep 30, 2022

ChatBot is not the only solution we provide to address the needs of care about customer service. More and more customers use ChatBot, LiveChat, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase, all made by our company, to make their customers’ experience the best there is. That’s why we want to introduce LiveChat Accounts. It’s one place to manage all our products.Explanation on how LiveChat Accounts space works.

What is LiveChat Accounts?Link icon

LiveChat Accounts is created to allow our customers to log in to all of our products with the same login credentials.The look of the LiveChat Accounts login space that you can use to log in to ChatBot.

What are organizations?Link icon

To make your work with our products even more seamless, we introduced a new entity: organization. An organization allows you to manage all your products in one place.

Right now, when you create a ChatBot account, a LiveChat account, and a HelpDesk account, or a KnowledgeBase account, you need to log in to your account in all of these products separately. You also need to manage them separately. With LiveChat Accounts, when you create a license in any of our products, an organization will be created. With LiveChat Accounts, all your products are available under one organization in the organization panel.

Example of organizations in LiveChat Accounts.Some of our customers need more than one product license. For example, you have a production license in ChatBot, but you also need a test license for the development environment. With LiveChat Accounts, you can log in to more than one organization with one email. So, when you log in, you can choose if you want to access your production environment (organization A) or your test environment (organization B). In each organization, you’ll be able to access products added to this organization, be it ChatBot, LiveChat, HelpDesk, or KnowledgeBase.

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