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7 min read | Sep 18 | Kamila Tokarska and Jacquelyn Dunham

The Best HR Chatbots for Next-Level Hiring

It’s a Monday morning, and your HR team faces a wave of resumes in their inboxes in response to a few new job openings in your company. As the chaos is about to... read more


4 min read | Sep 11 | Kamila Tokarska and Szymon Białas

The ChatBot Advantage in Streamlining B2B Event Promotion – The Chat Shop and B2B Marketing Case Study

B2B Marketing and The Chat Shop, ChatBot’s official partner, harnessed the power of the seamless and proactive solution provided by ChatBot to accelerate registration for... read more


7 min read | Sep 05 | Kamila Tokarska and Jacquelyn Dunham

How Does an Event Chatbot Benefit the Event Industry?

If you ever planned or attended events, you understand the challenges organizers must overcome to deliver enjoyable experiences to attendees. Planning and managing an... read more


9 min read | Aug 11 | Zuzanna Bocian

How to Boost Ecommerce Conversion Rate with ChatBot

In the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape, where the intersection of technology and consumer behavior shapes the trajectory of businesses, the quest to elevate... read more


6 min read | Aug 07 | Kamila Tokarska and Jacquelyn Dunham

Exploring Key HR Chatbot Use Cases

The introduction of chatbots into Human Resources (HR) has changed how these departments operate. Imagine a job applicant visiting your company’s career page and... read more


7 min read | Aug 02 | Kamila Tokarska and Jacquelyn Dunham

What Are the Benefits of HR Chatbots?

Reviewing hundreds of resumes, handling administrative tasks, and creating relationships with candidates sounds like a big challenge that demands lots of work and... read more


10 min read | Jul 28 | Jacquelyn Dunham

A Guide to Choosing a Chatbot Platform

With the abundance of chatbot-related technologies available, choosing the perfect chatbot platform can be overwhelming. There are various other chatbot development... read more


8 min read | Jul 25 | Kamila Tokarska and Jacquelyn Dunham

Comparing the Features, Pricing, and Benefits of Chatbot Platforms

As chatbot technology changes fast and new tools are being developed every day, it’s increasingly important to compare the solutions in the market so you can make a... read more

ChatbotsCustomer Service

6 min read | Jul 14 | Szymon Białas

From Robot to Human: Make Your Chatbot Sound Natural

Welcome to the era of chatbots and digital assistants. These technological wonders are not just changing customer experiences but altogether redefining them. Chatbots... read more

ChatbotsCustomer Service

5 min read | Jul 14 | Szymon Białas

Enhancing Customer Support: Reduce Time to Resolution with Chatbots

Chatbots are automated software designed to interact with users. They function like an always-ready assistant, capable of delivering customer service on various... read more

ChatbotsCustomer Service

7 min read | Jul 06 | Szymon Białas and Jacquelyn Dunham

Exploring the Importance of Chatbot Containment Rate

Chatbots are transforming customer engagement in various industries, making it vital to measure their effectiveness. One crucial metric for evaluating chatbot performance... read more

Customer ServiceMarketing

6 min read | Jul 06 | Szymon Białas and Jacquelyn Dunham

Chatbot Interactions: The Key to Seamless User Engagement and Support

I’m assuming that you’re familiar with the topic of chatbots. Nevertheless, if you want to supplement your knowledge before reading further – here are some articles... read more

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