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Learn how to create your own entities that can help you extracting crucial information from your chats.

In the following example, we’ll create a list of countries and assign them to the continents. In the next tutorial, we’ll use them to know our client’s location.

How to create a new User Entity

  1. Go to the Entities section.
  2. Click on the Create your first Entity button.
  3. Now, let’s give our first entity a name. My entity will be names countries as I want to assign countries to continents.
  4. We have two fields:
    • Enter reference value - In the first field add a general name, a container that will describe all the values. I will use the names of the continents as my reference value.
    • Fill synonym and press enter to add In the second field type synonyms and words or phrases that refer to this container. Here I will list countries.
    • fill the reference value
    • type synonyms and hit enter to add theme
    • add as many entities as you need
  5. Hit the save button. Your entities are ready!

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