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Redefine your customer service with the help of an AI assistant and give your customers instant and consistent answers 24/7/365. Let your team focus on more complex client queries while chatbot handles the most repetitive ones.

With Customer Service chatbot you won’t leave your customers without answers for hours. We’ve prepared this template to help you automate the most common sales and support customer queries. The template is designed with SaaS businesses in mind but you can customize it to suit any kind of business.

What’s inside

Intuitive menu

Your customers will be able to access all the important support, sales and contact information directly from a chat window.

Ready to use Customer Service chatbot template

Effortless support

Help customers navigate through the most important sections of your website and share support information to answer their questions. With the Customer Service template, you can also easily resolve common requests such as changing plans and sending a password reminder.

Customer Service chatbot that helps with sales and support queries

Contact form

Share contact information using a chatbot. With the Customer Service template, your customers will be able to start a call directly from within ChatBot.

 Sharing contact information with customers with Customer Service chatbot

How to import the template

You can add Customer Service Template for free to your ChatBot account with a few clicks and customize it to your needs. To start using the Customer Service template click here.

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