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Catch both yes and no answers using one system entity: sys.yes-no.

Sys.yes-no is a system entity that captures both, yes and no answers. Use it to reduce the bot designing time and avoid creating redundant interactions.

Remember that Sys.yes-no system entity supports only English language.

Chatbot example with the sys.yes-no entity

There are plenty of situations when yes-no system entity comes in handy. Users can confirm their data, approve purchases or answer simple questions and you can squeeze their answers in single interaction. Let’s create an example together.

Type double curly brackets ... to trigger the entity window and select the one you you need.

  1. Create a new interaction that will confirm the previous action. To do so, select quick replies and add two buttons to it.
  2. Create a new interaction, below the existing one.
  3. In the user says section add our system entity. To do so, type two curly bracketsand select the sys.yes-no entity. Name the attribute that will keep collected values.
  4. Move to bot responses tab. We want to serve both responses in one interaction action. Add a filter to create different reactions for yes and no answers.
  5. And similarly for the no option:
  6. Save all of your work. Now we can test it using the built-in chat.
  7. Everything works! Good job!

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