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Set up a temperature of your intelligent devices using chatbot.

Create smart interfaces that can quickly recognize the temperature value in all popular units, using the sys.temperature system entity. The system captures the value and the unit entered by the user and saves them to the attribute, so you can reuse this information within the chat or pass it to your external services.

Type double curly brackets ... to trigger the entity window and select the one you you need.

Chatbot example with the sys.temperature entity

Let’s think of an example. Imagine that you’re building a bot that will manage your coffee machine. The bot can help you decide the type, strengths and amount of coffee and choose the temperature of milk. We’ll need our sys.temperature entity for the last step.

  1. Create a new story and add a new interaction. In the user says section type double curly brackets to see available system entities. Select sys.temperature.
  2. Now, go to the bot responses and confirm the change. Additionally, you can use the attribute temperature in the bot’s reply and assure the user that the value has been understood correctly.
  3. Let’s test this interaction using the built-in chat:
  4. Everything works fine. Enjoy your coffee!

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