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Whether you’re in the middle of a chat or you finished it some time ago, you can see the whole conversation in the Archives.

Archives give you a real-time insight into every bot interaction and user input. They also provide you in valuable data about your visitors and guide you what adjustments you need to do to increase the efficiency of your chatbot.

You can access your archives from every place in the application. Click here to enter your archives or use the button on the left panel.

What can you view in your Archives

The Archives sorts all the conversations chronologically. You can find the following information:

  • the visitor’s name (if possible)
  • the place of visit (integrations or widgets)
  • the conversation
  • highlighted default interactions

Searching in Archives

You can also filter the archives by integrated apps. View conversations only from Messenger, Chat Widget or LiveChat in one place.

  1. Go to the Archives page.
  2. Click on Filters and select the integration you want to see.
  3. Click on the Show results button to apply the filter.
  4. Now you can see chats handled only by the selected integration.

To reset the filter click on the Clear all button.