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Follow free courses in the Academy and become a ChatBot pro.

The Academy offers free courses that will guide you through the process of creating chatbot stories. Each lesson reviews a different use case and explains features you need to use to create a chatbot. With the know-how you get there you can build any chatbot you need with confidence.

Getting started

No time to study docs and follow tutorials? No problem. Follow free lessons in the academy to quick start your chatbot advantage.

  1. To start a free course, choose the Academy section from the left panel or click here.
  2. Now you will see all available lesson organized into categories. Browse available lessons and choose the one that will guide you the chatbot you need.
  3. Click start now when you are ready. The lesson will show you step by step how to build a chatbot, explains, each step and features you are using. Remember to track your milestones — achieved goals. Each of them brings you closer to become a chatbot pro.
  4. After each lesson you can decide what to do with the created story — you can remove it or save it on your account to add a personal touch to it and integrate with your favorite apps.

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