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updated: Apr 4, 2022

The LiveChat integration provides many possibilities to improve your customer service. You can use it to transfer the chat to a human agent. With Rich Greetings, you can engage your customers even more!

The difference between ChatBot and LiveChat greetingsLink icon

ChatBot greetings are displayed above the Chat Widget and can be fully customized. These greetings start the chat, but they can’t direct users to a specific place in the Story. LiveChat greetings allow for that.

Rich greetings in chatbot

Rich Greetings let you use buttons that can direct the customer to a specific place in the Story. Using the buttons, the customer can immediately chat with a bot about a matter that interests them.

Rich greetings in chatbot

Setting up the greetings in LiveChatLink icon

In the LiveChat app, the Rich Greetings configuration panel is placed in the Settings section in the Targeted messages tab.

You can use the buttons to offer 3 different options:

  • when the customer wants to chat with a real agent,

  • when the customer has a sales question,

  • when the customer is just browsing and doesn’t want to talk with an agent.

For now, we don’t need any more options, so click Next: set conditions.

Rich greetings in chatbot

After you set the conditions, click Save greeting. For now, keep the default conditions and go to the next step.

Rich greetings in chatbot

How do buttons work in the Story?Link icon

After you configure buttons in your Rich Greeting in LiveChat, you need to provide phrases in the User input blocks in ChatBot that will make the greeting work. The bot provides replies using two matching systems. The chatbot can proceed with the Story only when you fill in the Keywords and the User says sections in the User input blocks.

Let’s create a new Story now.

Rich greetings in chatbot

The scenario contains the three paths that are mentioned in the greeting: chat transfer, sales questions, and the just browsing option.

  1. The first branch is dedicated to customers who want to connect with an agent immediately. To configure that path, you need to put the correct phrases in the User input block. By doing so, the bot will know how to act after the button is clicked. Then, it can send a message saying that the bot is transferring the chat, and an agent will respond if they are available. Rich greetings in chatbotNote that the bot will transfer the chat both when the customer clicks the buttons and when they type in the phrase by themselves. That’s why it will be helpful if you put other phrases along with the words that come from the buttons in the User input block.

  2. Now, help the bot find the correct interaction for the sales questions. To do so, add another User input to create a second branch and fill in the fields with appropriate words and phrases. Rich greetings in chatbot

  3. After the bot finds this interaction, it can display the following bot response: Rich greetings in chatbot

  4. The last path offers an option for customers who don’t want to chat. In this case, the chat will be closed after the chatbot sends a short message. Rich greetings in chatbot

Let’s test the storyLink icon

  1. To verify whether your greeting works as planned, you need to connect your chatbot Story with a LiveChat account first. Here, you can see how to make this happen. When everything is set up, test it out. Rich greetings in chatbot

  2. Check out whether the buttons are displayed properly. Rich greetings in chatbot

  3. Then, test your Story to see whether the buttons transfer you to the correct interaction.

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