Button types for cards, buttons and quick replies

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Add actions to buttons and direct your clients to the right place.

Cards, buttons and quick replies allow a dynamic and interactive communication with clients. Use them to navigate them through your products, offer and the scenario by adding an action is triggered when the user clicks the button.

Button types

  • Go To - Jump to another interaction in your story.
  • Postback - Differentiate buttons by assigning them unique postback values.
  • URL - Redirect the user to your website, e.i. product description,
  • Phone - Allow the user to call you directly from the phone or the computer.

Bot responses that work with the buttons:

  • Card - Go To, Postback, URL, Phone
  • Cards - Go To, Postback, URL, Phone
  • Button - Go To, Postback, URL, Phone
  • Quick Replies - Go To, Postback

How to use button types:

The following example uses the Card bot response type. To use buttons with other bot responses, follow these steps analogically.

  1. Go to Bot responses and select Card.
  2. Fill in the required field, title. You can also add an image, and a description.
  3. Add a new button and give it a name that can help users to identify the action.
  4. Select the button type. In this quick tutorial, I’ll use Phone and provide the contact number
  5. Click save to keep your changes

Similarly, you can add a URL, Go To and Postback buttons.

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