Use Attributes with Integrations

luiza jurczyk

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Integrations with Messenger, LiveChat, and Slack automatically save data regarding users and ongoing chats. ChatBot automatically saves them and allows you to reuse them in your scenarios.

Data, such as name, location, language, avatar and more are automatically saved as default attributes.

Learn more how to use default attributes here.

Some integrations get different data than others. That’s why before you start using default attributes in your interactions, check the list below to be sure that your integration collects this data.

Attributes compatibility

|Facebook|LiveChat|Slack|Chat widget default_avatar|true|false|true|false default_name|true|true|true|false default_url|true|true|false|true default_language|true|false|false|false default_timezone|true|true|true|false default_gender|true|false|false|false default_id|false|true|false|false default_ip|false|true|false|false default_city|false|true|false|false default_country|false|true|false|false default_referrer|false|true|false|false default_real_name|false|false|true|false default_email|false|true|true|false

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