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ChatBot platform - chat bot widget with features


Chatbots for business built with ease

Create stunning chatbots with a drag-and-drop interface or apply a template and customize as needed.

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Free, ready-to-use templates. Customize each to fit your vision. Start connecting, supporting and selling, fast.

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Visual chatbot builder

Drag and drop components to build ChatBot Stories. Use simple actions to design impressive conversational experiences.

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Open API

Flexibly connect with third-party apps using webhooks and a fully open API.

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There are many ways to build the perfect chatbot.



Create chatbots that stand out from the crowd

Design smooth conversational experiences to build better relationships with your customers.

Rich messages

Delight your customers with intuitive menus, clickable elements, images, GIFs, and much more.


Segment users, validate answers, and organize data behind the scenes.

Chat Widget for your website

Customize the look and feel to match your brand style and website design.


Connect ChatBot with apps and tools

Connect with more people across channels and platforms. Integrate with apps you use and love.

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Chat with 1.3 billion Facebook users

Connect with Messenger to make it easier for followers and potential customers to get in touch.

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Add a human touch to your chat

Add humans to the loop and chat directly with customers when needed.

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More one-click integrations are waiting for you.

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Build your first chatbot and start engaging with users today

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AI-powered improvements

Powerful algorithms work in the background to automatically adapt your chatbots to what customers say and do.

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Our advanced machine learning algorithm suggests the best way to improve your chatbot. Apply changes in a couple clicks.

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Natural conversations

Keep chats natural with AI context management – chatbots will stay on topic and go with the flow of the chat.

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Better answers

Your chatbots focus on specific keywords you provide and also analyze all words with advanced natural language processing algorithms.

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Team up!

Invite your teammates to ChatBot whenever needed. Create a team of chatbot designers and cooperate together to achieve the best results.

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Easy-to-understand metrics and reports

Get insight into your chatbots’ performance. Segment customers, collect data, and nurture relationships after the chat ends.


See the number of chats, busy periods, and how people interact with your chatbots.

Chat bot activity report


See what data chatbots collected, create custom lists, and pass data to your CRM and marketing automation software.

Chat bot users report


Dig into the details of each chat to tweak and improve chatbot Stories.

Chat bot platform chats archives


Segment customers to create personalized experiences and pass along qualified leads.

Chat bot users segmentation

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