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In .BespokeChat we believe dynamic communication solutions are the key to business success in customer care & effective sales.

Our experience in delivering optimized chat solutions based on real people, helps us delivering same quality in innovative, chat-bot solutions.

Unlimited possibilities

Check our services to automate your communication process in modern way. Here are some examples of possibilities:

  • Deliver 24 hours customer care for your Clients through ChatBot chat-bot
  • Connect both automated chat-bot with real person LiveChat support and take over discussion in case of complex matter or whenever your user reaches indicated point in the conversation
  • Build a chat-bot to select best candidates in your recruitment process and optimize first stage of your HR communication
  • Automate your sales process - collect e-commerce orders, make appointments for your services or collect leads for your offer - all that in innovative way of communication

Key to YOUR success

Remember that both well written & secured scenarios are responsible for your chat-bot success. Our role is to provide you with complete solution, that is ready to serve your Clients with correct answers in fast and effective way.

Focus on your business

With our help, you are focusing on what you know best, which is your business, and our role is to help you build, deliver & optimize highest quality, automated communication. We delivered effective chat solutions for real estate, automotive, e-commerce, recruitment and other industries.

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