Meet ChatBot Experts in the New Marketplace

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May 5, 2018
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Expert Marketplace: the space to hire professionals to create your bot.

The primary goal of building a chatbot is to save time we spend on chatting with our customers. No matter if you’re a sole trader who tries to catch up incoming messages in the late evening, or a manager of a large customer support team, you know, how time-consuming is to handle well all the inbound inquiries.

A chatbot can take over all incoming messages and handle them without breaks. But building a bot that can actually do it well, is another challenge. At ChatBot we’re focused on delivering the best tools to create advanced scenarios with easy drag and drop actions. Using the right software brings you halfway through the whole process. But there’s the other half, to complete — to decide what and how is your bot going to say.

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We're open to cooperate with other chatbot enthusiasts who aren't afraid of challenges and have a good understanding of customer service. If you're one of them, please contact us at support@chatbot.com.