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Exploring Key HR Chatbot Use Cases

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Aug 7, 2023

The introduction of chatbots into Human Resources (HR) has changed how these departments operate. Imagine a job applicant visiting your company's career page and meeting a friendly HR chatbot that guides them through the application process, answers their questions, and collects relevant information. In the meantime, the chatbot approves your employees' time off requests, resolves HR queries, and recommends personalized learning courses. Isn't this the perfect scenario for your HR team?

We will explore some use cases of HR chatbots in recruitment, employee engagement, attendance tracking, and general HR support and show you how this tool unlocks efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

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Recruitment chatbot

Imagine your company is planning to open a new department, and you need to hire new employees. When recruitment opens, each job position gets hundreds of applications from potential candidates, and your HR department needs to manage all of them and still take care of other responsibilities.

The recruitment process is more than just collecting and screening resumes. Your HR team needs to answer repetitive questions from the applicants, pick the most promising applicants, and schedule interviews with them. Throughout the process, they must also collect lots of data, like contact details.

How can chatbots help here? The Job Application Template is one of the many templates offered by ChatBot. It enriches your chatbot by making it HR-oriented and allows you to customize it to your needs to improve your recruitment process and enhance employee experience.

Key features:

Job Template by ChatBot

HR chatbots can help improve the overall hiring process. They take care of repetitive tasks while your HR team can focus on building relationships with top candidates. They speed up hiring thanks to their automated data collection and lead generation capabilities. The interactions with the potential candidates and new hires are personalized so they feel special and well-informed every step of the way.

HR support & attendance chatbot

Have you ever been late due to an unexpected traffic jam and worried about how it will impact your attendance record? Do you remember a situation when you had an urgent family matter but did not know how to apply for a day off? Or have you ever had a question about the company's new travel policy but couldn't find the relevant information in the lengthy HR documents?

One of the AI-powered chatbots designed to help such cases for the HR department is Phia. This virtual assistant can solve common HR problems of your workers in many ways.

Key features:

Phia Chatbot by peopleHum

Using HR chatbots in your HR support saves time and HR resources. These smart tools not only ensure employee satisfaction but also improve internal communication. By efficiently handling numerous administrative tasks, HR chatbots reduce stress among your staff, allow them to focus on core activities, and increase the overall employee experience.

Employee engagement chatbot

For some employees, working fully from home makes it challenging to stay engaged and connected. Turned off cameras during online meetings and the lack of face-to-face interactions make many workers feel isolated, decreasing employee engagement and becoming unmotivated and disinterested in their roles.

At the same time, you may have other employees struggling to find growth opportunities and feeling unsure about their career paths within the organization. The absence of clear guidance, personalized development plans, and good internal communication may also impact their overall employee satisfaction.

In today's competitive and, very often, remote job market, attracting and retaining top talent may be an essential challenge for your businesses. However, HR chatbots may be the best solution to these problems.

One good example is Jinie, an AI-powered talent coach that strengthens employee experience and engagement.

Key features:

  1. Personal talent coach: The HR chatbot offers tailored recommendations of courses based on each employee's unique career path, succession plan, and individual talent profile.
  2. Feedback and support patron: Thanks to artificial intelligence, the HR chatbot handles daily pulse check-ins and in-app messaging to collect employee feedback. It also offers guidance and resources in promoting mental and physical well-being.
Jinie Chatbot by peoplestrong

Integrating HR chatbots with other solutions

HR chatbots are powerful tools themselves, but there are options to integrate them with other solutions to awaken their full potential:

It's worth mentioning that instead of using separate solutions for your HR chatbots, you can choose a comprehensive chatbot platform that, besides the virtual assistant, offers powerful capabilities like a help desk or live chat. To read more about different chatbot platforms, look at this article.

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The benefits and influence of HR chatbots in human resource management are powerful. However, their impact extends beyond internal operations and can also positively influence the company's customers. 

HR chatbots offer solutions helping to manage many HR processes and support employee satisfaction. These actions translate to a happy and efficient workforce directly impacting your company's customers. Satisfied employees are likelier to deliver good customer service, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.