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Feb 24, 2022
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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! We’re glad you want to write for the ChatBot Blog. 

Who are we? 

ChatBot is a no-code platform that helps small and big businesses easily and effectively automate their customer communication. Our mission is to make chatbots accessible, feasible, and useful for every user, no matter their skills and tech experience.

Our blog’s audience is interested in reading about chatbots and conversational design. They enjoy learning juicy facts about AI, customer service, marketing, and sales. If you have exceptional writing skills and find pleasure in sharing your knowledge of the above topics, you’re in the right place. 

What are we looking for?

We don’t accept:

If that’s all cool with you:

  1. Start by exploring our blog.
  2. Choose a category you want to write about: Chatbots, Customer Service, Marketing, AI and Machine Learning, Ecommerce, Sales.
  3. Send an email to support@chatbot.com, and add the email subject line "Article proposal."
  4. Introduce your topic and explain how our audience can benefit from your article. 
  5. Provide keywords you’d like to cover. 
  6. If you’ve published articles before on other sites, let us know. We’d love to read them!

Selecting topics from submitted proposals is a time-consuming task, so please give us some time to explore yours. If your topic gets selected, we’ll write you back and provide you with the content brief.