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How can I leave feedback?

To share your thoughts, send an email to

Will the ChatBot 2.0 beta version undergo significant changes before its final release?

ChatBot 2.0 is in the beta version, which means that we're still improving the overall solution. However, any crucial information regarding the limitations, pricing, or connecting old chatbot stories with the AI models will be published soon.

What is the cost of ChatBot 2.0?

During the beta tests, access to ChatBot 2.0 is entirely free of charge to the users with access. The specific pricing for ChatBot 2.0 will be given closer to the official launch.

Will all the stories I create during beta tests be carried over to the final version of ChatBot 2.0?

We cannot guarantee that all the stories created during this phase will remain unchanged in the final version. Beta testing aims to identify any weaknesses and areas for improvement, which may lead to significant changes in ChatBot 2.0. Your valuable feedback will help us deliver the best possible experience upon its official launch.

Why am I getting an error while crawling a dynamic website?

Please be aware that, at this time, ChatBot 2.0 doesn't crawl websites that include dynamically loaded content. A dynamic website is one that doesn't have all its content directly embedded in its static HTML. Instead, it utilizes server-side or client-side technology to display data, often in response to user interactions such as clicking or scrolling.

How does a fallback assistant work?

The fallback assistant is a mechanism that allows you to use LLM models to answer customer questions with your trained data. Currently, we're serving AI Assist, which is automatically added to your AI chatbot's story. Whenever your chatbot can't find an answer directly in your story, then it will try to use an LLM model to answer the customer's question.

Can I edit the designed story?

Yes, after creating a story with ChatBot 2.0, you can edit it like a regular story.

Can I crawl websites in different languages other than English?

At the moment, our crawling capability is limited to websites in English only.

Is it possible to combine or merge regular stories with ChatBot 2.0 stories?

No, regular stories and ChatBot 2.0 stories cannot be combined or merged at this time.

Can I train my existing story with ChatBot 2.0?

No, you cannot train your existing story with ChatBot 2.0.

Is ChatBot 2.0 trained automatically, or do I have to do that manually?

As of now, ChatBot 2.0's story creation requires manual training. However, we are actively working on introducing automatic training capabilities in the near future.

Is it possible to add the AI assist block to an existing story?

No, you cannot add AI Assist to an existing story.

Should I turn off any specific category pages found on my website before training my bot?

Yes, you should turn off specific category pages before training your bot.
Make sure to turn off multi-lingual pages other than English ones because our crawling capability is limited to only English. The multi-regional pages, even in English, should also be turned off as they may include replicated content, and it may negatively influence the results.
We also recommend turning off pages that frequently update their content or contain irrelevant information to your core business, such as news articles, blogs, forums, reviews, testimonials, etc.

Can I crawl images so ChatBot 2.0 can later answer questions about them?

Currently, our crawling capability is focused on text content only.